I want to say a few words about the American Radical Left Wing Democrats who hate the President so much and who show it with their every thought, word and deed.

The term used to describe this Trump Hatred is “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

This is indeed connected to the idea of hatred, but it is something more than a normal hatred — The TDS kind of hatred is vicious, seething, persistent, irrational, impulsive, and in my personal opinion (although I am not a psychiatrist, psychologist or any other thing like those) I believe that Trump Derangement Syndrome rises to the level of a certifiable neurosis much the same as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, also known as PTSD.

What I am saying here might not be generally accepted right at this very minute in History, but I think time will prove me to be correct and I believe that some of the people in our government who are exhibiting what I consider to be symptoms of this TDS condition will eventually go off the rails and disappear from public sight as their Public Relations people try to cover their absence with such contrived explanations as “Personal illness.”

One of the irrationalities that I have noticed — an irrationality that says the impeachment is “Sad and Somber” and then laughs and passes out pens during a signing of the articles of impeachment ceremony ….. almost like a victory lap  … almost like a celebration of something grand and wonderful ….that appears to me to be one of the irrational behaviors I would connect to my definition of the possibly deranged Trump Hatred mechanism I have called “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

The other irrationality that stands out to me about the impeachment thing is the one where the impeachment was originally a very urgent matter requiring immediate attention and action …. and then a month or so later ….. after the impeachment programmers sat on the articles of impeachment instead of transmitting then to the Senate (as is the custom) … those articles were finally on their way to where they should have been weeks ago. So much for the “Urgency” of the proceedings that the Speaker of The House had talked about just a few short weeks ago.

Yes, I truly believe that the pressures placed on the desperate Trump Haters during this impeachment trial and the voter backlash against all their 2020 campaigns will actually cause a few mental breakdowns along the way — if, in fact, that is not what we are already witnessing at this very moment.

From now in this blog is just going to be a journal of my impressions and opinions ….. opinions, which, by the way, have often been proven to be correct even when all the Internet trolls have been telling me that I am a fool.

I will enter this writing here on the Internet knowing full well that the people who are destined to read it will find it. Fate has a way of working like that.

There is really no need for me to be subjective when my main talent is telling it like it is without any bullshit embellishments or Liberal lies. I am something of a shock jock, to be sure, but that is the way to grab attention and make people who are used to mindless propaganda on their resources think for themselves for a change.

I know that I am not going to say anything that will change anybody’s mind on this blog but I have to sound the warnings against a possible radical Liberal Leftist take over of our democracy — one of the most dangerous prospects to human liberty and happiness that I can imagine.

And so, like I said before, this will be a continuous conversation that invites people who read it to comment if they feel inspired to do so …

There is nothing I can lose by putting my opinions out there ….. but people who are smart enough to think for themselves can see the value of the things that I have to say because the things I say tend to work out the way I say them as time goes by.

So let’s leave the conversation right here for a few minutes or a couple of hours — until something else I think is important happens …. and let us see where we go from here. By the way, I am no longer paying much attention to “Likes,” “Shares” or any of that nonsense …. but I do appreciate comments if they are sane, if they make sense, if they do not attack me personally.

Media Said To Feed Great Divide

A recent Harris Poll apparently (reportedly)(allegedly) says that 75% of the people recently polled reported that they believe that the American Main Stream Media is one of the major factors contributing to the ever-widening divide on issues experienced by citizens today.

If that is actually true, then my opinion is that maybe the Media knows this and is doing it on purpose to generate tensions for the sake of their bottom lines.

If that is true, then who, besides social media, can be trusted to report the news in an accurate, fair and balanced manner?

And, if there is no trustworthy news source, then what effect will that have on low information voters …. and without dependable news resources, what else could we have but low information or no information voters?

But that is not the reason I am not subscribing again to our local newspaper. The reason I am not subscribing to our local news paper again is because they have shrunk the size of their paper to the point where the print on the pages is now so small that I need a magnifying glass to be able to read it …. and I am not going to do that!

Give Me 4 More Years

So what has Trump done for America that has pissed the Liberals off so much that they sweat hairballs in their efforts to get him out of office?

Well — here are a few possibilities:

ISIS has lost most of the territory they once controlled under the Trump Administration.

We are not at war with Iran, Russia or North Korea.

We have the lowest unemployment rate in more than 50 years.

The Money Markets are way up and our taxes are lower.

Costs for Medicines and for Medical care are starting to decline.

This President (Trump) has done more for the common, ordinary, everyday working class Citizen — and for the poor and underprivileged — than any president that I can remember.

If this is what the Dems are so mad about (and I am certain that it is all about the good things that the President has done) then by all means, let us have Four more years of this kind of positive progress.

Dems May Try To Block Trump’s Defense Witnesses

As sneaky and underhanded as the Impeachery perps have been thus far, I am looking forward to their trying one more dirty trick as the Senate trial continues ….. I am looking to see them attempt to block testimony from any witnesses who may side with the President and who are not hostile toward him.

In the same manner that Dems tried to inject themselves into a position of dictating to the Senate how to run the trial (By withholding the articles of impeachment for so long), I believe they will do their best to control the witness that speak during the trial itself so that only testimony favorable to their desperation will make it into the record of the process.

Those of you who do not read my blog regularly ought to start reading it because I tend to be fairly accurate when I make predictions about how things are going to turn out. In the past, I have driven Internet Trolls to distraction because of my uncanny ability to make accurate predictions.

Sanders Unhappy About Having To Sit In Impeachment Trial

It seems that Senator Bernie Sanders is unhappy about having to sit in on the impeachment trial of President Trump. —- He has reportedly told somebody that he would rather be in Iowa than on Capitol Hill.

Hey Senator Sanders, get a load of this: There are some of us out here who would rather that you stay on Capitol Hill for the rest of your term rather than being out on the campaign trail in an election that I am certain you are bound to lose.

More Here: —-– https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/sanders-i-would-rather-be-in-iowa-than-sitting-in-trumps-impeachment-trial

Pelosi Allegedly Questions Mitch McConnell’s Allegiance To America

If any of this is true, then I think it is batshit crazy: — I have read where Nancy Pelosi has allegedly questioned Senator Mitch McConnell’s allegiance to The United States and has branded him as an “Accomplice” to Russian Interference in U.S. Elections.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said President Trump is “in complete denial” about Russia’s attempts to meddle in the 2020 election and accused Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of being an “accomplice” to Russian interference, claiming that she wonders about his allegiance to the United States.

I sit here in my chair this morning wondering just how far out into left field some of these hyper-enraged Leftists are going to wander in their attempts to unseat the President of the United States.

Is there any Conservative in the government who will be safe from such unsettled insanity?

Is this the beginning of a new era of McCarthyism in The United States?

For the whole story, consider this:  https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/i-wonder-about-mitch-mcconnell-pelosi-accuses-gop-leader-of-being-accomplice-to-russian-election-interference


The Not So Sad And Somber Signing Of The Impeachment Documents

Speaker of The House, Pelosi, had called the impeachment of President Trump “A Sad and Somber Occasion.”

Read the following article all the way through and tell me how “Sad and Somber” you believe the occasion really is!