An Absolutist View Of The Inescapable Future

by John
Blog Author

As time goes on, the coronavirus will have such a devastating effect on the Economy of The United States (And the world in general) that supply lines will be severely compromised and basic necessities —– once taken for granted —– will be far and few between and more expensive than most people will be able to pay.  —- The so-called “Family Unit” will be dealt a crushing blow the likes of which have never been seen in generations and all the luxuries and freedoms once taken for granted will come at a stiff premium.

I forsee the time coming —– very quickly now —– when the entire Medical Apparatus will be so overcome with coronavirus-related demands and with loss of large numbers of healthcare providers, that the Medical Profession will be forced to make the hard decision as to whether or not to give priority to coronavirus patients and deny care to anybody else or to stop treating coronavirus patients so that people with other ordinary ailments can receive some level of care. As it stands now, the system cannot accommodate  both kinds of patients for any amount of time ….. beyond certain limits when peak demand arrives.

Most or all jobs in the country will shut down because (a) The Work Force will be too far reduced by illness to function, (b) The supply chain will break down at all levels for the same reason(s) —– and, at that time, everybody will be getting a check from the government or nothing at all because the money will be less than useless.

I am looking to see the reappearance of bread lines again!

Americans will be asked (required) (forced) to relinquish more and more of their precious freedoms in the name of safety and security in the face of this virus ….. giving over more and more control by the Federal Government …. which will eventually be seen as futility because I don’t believe the Federal Government …. or any government for that matter …. can long weather a storm like the one that is coming because of this pestilence.

I fear the day may come when mass burials will become the nation’s primary industry.

I personally believe it is time for people to reconsider their attitudes about God!

(Thursday, April 2, 2020) —- The American death toll from coronavirus has now exceeded the 5,000 mark. —— That is horrific! —– But it is not yet as horrific as the death toll in the U.S. from “Spanish Flu” back in 1918. —— The death toll in the United States from the 1918 flu epidemic was 40,000. —— But we are on our way folks —– Maybe we can break a record here —– especially if idiot fodder don’t pay attention to their safety guidelines —– which I don’t believe too many of them will —– because they are too arrogant, too smug, to much “Know-It-All” and I don’t believe that many of them really give a damned about anybody but themselves. —– I might be wrong. —– If I am wrong I will repent.

It’s Only The Beginning!

Coronavirus is now the third leading cause of death in The United States. —– Fear not, my friends, in no time at all it will be the first cause! —- Give it another couple of weeks.,

Every living soul is probably already infected with the shit because people can carry it around without having any symptoms and spread it to other people by touching them, by being near them, by talking to them, by coughing and sneezing on them —- shit, people, the coronavirus can even be carried into your house on clothing, on packages from the grocery store, on the fur of pets — It lives on surfaces and in the air —- nobody knows the extent of this crap or the damage that it is yet capable of inflicting.

I am starting to get a picture of several ghost ships sitting off the coast of The United States with thousands of cases of coronavirus on board and no way to help any of them because they are not being allowed to land and bring the sick to shore for treatment —– while the disease spreads unchecked among the passengers —- How long before we hear the story of authorities going onto one of these vessels and finding every soul aboard dead?

Food banks are being overcome with people needing food — some food banks are short on essentials because they can’t even get things like produce from grocery stores — just wait until the coronavirus infects all the truck drivers, warehouse workers and produce pickers and none of these things are available on the markets at all anymore —- and yes, it is in the works —- this nightmare might happen —- probably will happen as time goes on —- then what are the poor going to do except to starve?

How many more millions of corpses will result in the United States when critically needed medicine cannot be obtained from China anymore because the Chinese will be forced to shut down their production lines of medicines or will be forced to reserve the medicines they do produce for their own population because of the spread of coronavirus?

The United States stockpile of essential health equipment and supplies is fast running out of things to ship to the states who need them —- what happens when the national stockpile finally depletes? —- It doesn’t look to me like the emergency plans to rev up production of these needed essentials by private industry is getting off the ground fast enough —- and I sure as hell do not foresee any other nations running to our assistance with enough of these things to make a difference. —– Russia sent one airplane loaded with critical supplies to The United States today —- one plane —- One lousy planeload! Where are the rest of our international friends when they are needed?

Why are prison inmates in New York being asked to dig mass graves on Hart Island? —- What are we not being told and why are we not being told it?

What does the Pentagon need with 100,000 body bags?


Important Stuff For People To Know

New York hospitals are so over burdened with death and dying that they have taken to using refrigerated trucks as temporary morgues. —- Does anybody remember my prophecy about piles of bodies stacking up like cordwood? — When do you think we will see construction of massive communal crematoria?

Some hospitals are telling their staff to begin to “Think More Critically” about who gets ventilators. —- Let me do some guesswork here: Those who will be refused ventilators will probably be (and this is nothing more than my personal opinion) (1) The elderly, (2) The lame, (3) The mentally challenged, (4) Those with developmental disabilities, (4) The homeless and the poor and (5) The politically or religiously incorrect.

A horde of those smart-assed young college idiots who have returned home from their spring break have come down with coronavirus and are now happily and recklessly (or maybe not so much now that the cows have come home to roost) spreading it to everyone around them … assholes! —- Remember their smug and smirking faces when they were first told of the danger of congregating in large groups? —– Ironic and Poetic Justice is what I say!

In true form, it is reported that China has been shipping defective coronavirus testing gear out to some countries and some of those countries have gotten wise and are now rejecting the shipments. — Duh! — I cannot help but wonder if those defects are accidental or …. not?

There are new horror stories surfacing now that say (1) If a person catches the coronavirus and survives, they are certainly able to catch it a second time, and (2) The coronavirus has been found to be able to live in the air … because there are droplets of moisture in the air for the shit to cling to and to survive on for hours and perhaps even days at a time. —– and shitheads are still trying to tell us that if we are healthy we don’t need to wear a mask?

Medical experts are predicting that The United States could see more than 100-Thousand deaths from this shit before all is said and done. — My opinion is that they already know, but are afraid to tell anyone, that this virus could wipe out the whole of the human race if assholes and idiots don’t start listening and obeying the rules put forth by the CDC.

South Florida is now on lockdown and at least one pastor of a large Florida church is in jail because he refused to heed the warnings about jamming large numbers of people inside a church and held massively-attended religious services despite local lock down orders —- Now there is a constitutional question about religious rights  —- I don’t think the framers of the constitution ever foresaw a bitch as bad as coronavirus.

I don’t believe, somehow, that Trump’s big idea of getting the country up and running and herding together by Easter is going to work out, do you? —- Somebody has suggested that the major news media stop carrying those ridiculous campaign-style, “Look at me and what I have done that is beautiful and wonderful” propaganda-loaded presidential press conferences about the coronavirus —- and I agree heartily —- shut the shit down —- The American People do not need to hear that crap right now.

Get used to it, folks, April is cancelled —- and probably the rest of the summer as well — and maybe a few more summers after this one — if idiots don’t start doing what they are supposed to be doing  — idiots all the way from the top of the heap to the sewers where you and I live.

Grocery store clerks and food delivery people are going on strike now over wages and hazardous duty pay — I expect that some grocery stores will be forced to close now —- The strikers have a point (up to a certain point) but I think that in a time like this, when food is such a critical item, that kind of strike should be outlawed!

I haven’t seen any food riots yet but if the supply chain breaks down I am looking forward to hearing about them. —- I am also waiting to hear about the first report about some mindless lowlife pulling a gun in a retail establishment in an argument over who gets the last role of toilet tissue — or something else — The uptick in gun sales has been phenomenal and unusual and I am just expecting to see some dork go off in a rage and start shooting because of this coronavirus crap.

There is some new thinking floating around out there that coronavirus lives freely in the very air we breathe and is, therefore, literally inescapable. If that is true, then is it also possible that this pandemic can be a mechanism for natural selection to insure the fittest survive? Has something like this ever happened before in the eons of history? Is something like this one of the possible reasons that Mars is a dead desert planet? Is a civilization-ending microbiological attack even a possibility?

Campaign In Limbo

I see there is a stop in a lot of campaigns because of the corona virus with the president extending deadlines for quarantines until April —– for now!

I am waiting with bated breath to see if he decides that it will be dangerous for large groups of people to gather at polling places and postpones the election for another four years. LOL.