Does Sanders Now Become The Democrat To Beat?

by John

That is the question now that Bernie has won Nevada, “Is he going to be the Democrat to win the nomination, leaving all the other Dumbocrats in the dust?

Before I go on with this, I would like to caution the Democrats and all the rest of America that a Sanders Presidency would be problematic but even worse than that ….. and please focus now so you will get the gravity of what I am going to write next …. “More important than who the ageing Sanders is, is who his Vice President will be.”  Who his vice president will be is very important and potentially very troublesome for the nation. Could it be Hillary again?

So I hear that there are some democrats who are virtually urinating themselves over the prospect of a Sanders nomination. So I also know, way down deep in my heart, that the democrats are so divided among themselves that if there is a Sanders nomination, the party is so damned dysfunctional that there isn’t a thing they are going to be able to do about it.  This eventuality would be their reward for their years of focus on their hatred of Trump to the exclusion of everything else.

It is reported that Candidate Joe Biden has told somebody that he is going to “Take This Back” meaning that somehow he expects that he can create a resurgence of his chances to become President ….. to which I say ….. No, Joe, you cannot and you will not!”

Then, on another note, I heard somewhere that Bernie told somebody that he believes his “Grassroots Movement” has now become “Unstoppable” ….. to which I say, “Oh, but it is indeed stoppable, Mr. Sanders, It is stoppable if Americans wake up and get off their rear ends and flood those voting booths in November and for the sake of America’s future, I damned well hope that it is stopped.” Surely Americans are smarter than that!

This is not the time for Democrats to be worrying about Bernie Sanders, folks, this is the time for Democrats to be waking up to what they have done to themselves and run, don’t walk, to the Republican side of things! (Thousands of them are doing it anyway!) The rest of you might as well get onto the bandwagon before you wake up to socialist nation.

Here is what everybody really should be focused on right now:

Trump In Nevada

“Here Come The Russians” — Again — According To Liberal Propagandists!

I heard it on the evening news …. somebody in higher up status has declared that the Russians are “At It Again,” doing their best to interfere in the 2020 American Presidential election and to support President Trump for re-election.

I thought this old horn had been blown for the last time and had long since been debunked.

But it seems that the Loser Liberal hysteria is boiling up again and they are resurrecting this old journalistic ghost for further consumption by the gullible and the naive.

Well, I suppose the next nuance in this Liberal Paranoia will be some form of propaganda trying to convince the American People that not only are the Russians supporting Trump’s re-election, but that somehow …. in some mysterious manner … The President, Himself is involved with the Russians in promoting this bull hockey.

I wouldn’t put anything past the desperation of the fast-fading Liberal influences in this country —

Sex Can Open The Gates Of Hell

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By John

I am astounded by the situation that Movie Mogul, Harvey Weinstein finds himself in right now …. positively astounded!

The way I understand it is that there are some women making allegations about inappropriate things that they say that Mr. Weinstein did or said in their presence.

I have read some of these allegations in press releases and in my opinion some of it seems to me to have been lurid at best.

What bothers me about all this is that I have also read reports saying that some of the women involved in the Weinstein story experienced some of the things they are said to be charging him with and then went on ahead and had “Continuing” relationships with him.

My personal sense is that if someone experiences something unpleasant from the words or actions (or both) of another person, and then that “someone” goes ahead and continues having relationships with the person they considered to be offensive, then they are “Asking” for whatever happens afterward.

My thought is  (My opinion is) that somebody sees the possibility of cashing in big time on their life experiences … and to my way of thinking, that “Bottom Line” potential sums up the entire reality of the matter.

The Power Of Trusting In Jesus

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God’s loves you more than you can imagine and Jesus has a plan for you that is beautiful beyond description …. and since Jesus has all power in heaven and in earth, you can trust Him completely to lead and guide you to where you need to be.

There are no secrets about you that are hidden from the view of God Almighty and Jesus knows every detail of you …. your inner being …. your heart …. your will …. your dreams, hopes and ambitions ….. the paths you will choose …. your weaknesses …. your strengths …. He knows it all and He uses it all to make the outcome of everything that happens to you nothing but good!  All things work together for good for those who love the Lord and who are called according to His purposes. That means you, my friend … that means you!

Jesus is always ready to help you along the way of Life because He knows that you are not able to make your way alone!  There are things that God wants you to do with your life and if you will seek Him, seek His Will, immerse yourself in His Word and in prayer —-If you will do these things, God will help you get to where you need to be,  He will equip you with whatever you need to accomplish His Will for your life — He does not expect you to do any of this stuff alone …. He is always with you, always leading and guiding you, always speaking to your inner being …. He never leaves you, never forsakes you.

Whenever you think of doing anything at all, you should consult God and His Word before you take any action  … If what you plan to do lines up with The Word of God and you plant it in the ground of prayer and water it with your faith, there is no way you can ever fail in anything righteous that you attempt to do.  The Word of God and fervent, continuous prayer are the keys and Jesus is the Way … He is the Door …. He is the One who guides you to a fruitful and successful life.

Nothing that is not based on The Holy Spirit; nothing that is not led, guided and directed by The Holy Spirit can ever succeed …. Nothing that IS based in the Holy Spirit can ever fail. This includes relationships with other people ….. If The Holy Spirit is NOT in it, it will turn to dust in your hands ….. If The Holy Spirit IS in it, success is guaranteed and it will bloom and blossom in God’s Time and on His Schedule.

Is Sanders Socialist Or Not?

I have all kinds of people telling me that Candidate Sanders is not exactly what he claims himself to be … a “Socialist” of any flavor, stripe, nuance, etc.

So, if the candidate Sanders is not a “Socialist,” how come he has decided to use that word to brand his politics?

And if Socialist has nothing to do with his political views, why does he use it in describing himself when he must know that most Americans do not identify with Socialism and that most do not approve of socialism in any manifestation?  It would seem to me to be adverse to his desire to win a Presidential election and continue to brand himself with a phrase that includes the word, “Socialist” in it.

Here is what Politifact has to say about it:

Now here is my opinion:

If the candidate says that he is as socialist and if he is not a socialist then, in my personal opinion he must be seriously  mistaken.

And if he is seriously mistaken about his political identity then it follows that he is not going to get my vote under any circumstances.

Can Socialism be changed by adding prefixes to it?

Is there such things as:

Christian Socialists

Republican Socialists

Centrist Socialists

Constitutional Socialists

I think we all need a clearer understanding of exactly what a Democratic Socialist is and I have another question: “Is this candidate the only member of The United States government who claims this title?  Are there more Democratic Socialists other than Candidate Sanders?  Is it an actual political movement in the United States? Where does this term derive from?


The Drain Plug Is Gone

I dreamed that there was a small child crying because a favorite toy was being sucked down a bath tub drain. The emotion being shown by the child was overpowering ….. intense ….. heart-wrenching!  But there was nothing the child could do to save the toy and the toy soon disappeared completely down the drain and was seen no more.

This made me think of how quickly our very lives are being sucked down the drain of eternity and how powerless we are to keep everything that we ever knew or loved from eventually swirling down that hole of existence and it brings to mind the question, “We all know this eventuality to be a certainty, so why do we wrestle with it so strongly?”

I can understand more completely now why people want to believe there is something on the other side of that drain hole ….. something better than what is here on this side …..surely the Life that we know has to go somewhere ….

As human beings, we like to say that our lives are “Moving Forward.” But if they are moving forward, then where are they moving to? Our instincts reveal the truth. There is something in our dna that tells us that what we are seeing now is not all that there is. If our dna is part and parcel of all that we have ever been and ever known, then I believe we can trust it to indicate to us the things that we shall experience  someday …. things that we have never, as yet, known.

What is it within us that causes us all to search for something beyond ourselves? There is something that is common to all Mankind that causes human beings to reach out toward eternity in search of the Eternal Being …. and if that drive is common to all Mankind, then there must be something solid in the argument for the Divine Being.

The best argument for the truth and the existence of God, therefore, must surely be Mankind’s never-ending search for Him. There are too many people searching for it not to be true.

Random Thoughts: Feb 20, 2020

I never thought I would live to see the year 2020, but here we are and here we stay until 2021 unless some earth shaking event occurs — an event on the scale of dying and leaving this earth or something else beyond our abilities to control. La La la!

I have to tell you, folks, that parboiled collard greens is delicious with smoked sausage.  A cup and a half of the greens with 4 ounces of the sausage is still only about 350 calories. Lots of fiber, Vitamin A and all kinds of good stuff.

I go to my eye doctor tomorrow to see if the eye drops are controlling my glaucoma pressure. I am still fighting the need to have a cataract operation because, so far, none of the symptoms of either of these plagues has interfered with my daily routines. By the Grace of God, I doubt they ever will cause me a lot of grief because Jesus sees to it that I live in Divine Health … and that is a gift from God.

My weight is still fluctuating and I know that when I go back to my doctor, she is going to chastise me sorely but I have been fighting this weight thing for more than 50 years now. The good news is that my blood pressure is good at 120/80 (sometimes lower than that), my heart rate is normal and my last blood tests were spot on normal. This has to be some kind of intervention from on High ….. I am 81 years old now and going on 82 and I can still get out and power walk, do calisthenics at home, workout at the gym — no shortness of breath …. no respiratory symptoms even though I smoked unfiltered cigarettes (2 packs a day) for more than 50 years before quitting 11 years ago….. Divine Intervention, I am telling you … God is Mercy and Grace!

Dinner today is going to be chicken legs (drumsticks) cooked to perfection in my new air fryer machine. No added grease …. the machine cooks them to crispy perfection in 15 minutes ….

cooked leg chicken with green vegetable leaf
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I will have generous portions of raw vegetables and a couple of slices of artisan bread with my chicken legs …. yum.

In about a few days from now, I am going to do a meatloaf in the air fryer … I have a great recipe …. it only cooks for 40 minutes …. tender ….moist …. perfection …yum again!

Sounds to me like Mr. Bloomberg kicked some butt on the debate stage last night. That is fine with me.  I am a Trump fan for the time being …. I wish Mr. Bloomberg all the luck in the world … I wish for God to bless him mightily with all the good things of life …. but I do not believe for a moment that he is going to beat Trump. Who gets the office of the president is in the hands of God.

I want to get outside sometime this week and see if I can find a fat dog to pet. I want a dog so bad but I cannot have one where I live so I have to go out and pet other people’s dogs. I hope I can find one that isn’t set on biting me. In the absence of the dog, a cat would do …. in the absence of a cat, a squirrel would be fine  … or a possum …. or a coyote!