Catching Up

In the midst of the pandemic it seems as if schools around the United States are hell-bent on reopening as fast as possible because the general thinking is that when kids are kept out of in-person school experiences, they suffer some kind of damage … mental …anyway that is the argument that I have been hearing although I have to say I never heard any such crap when I was going to school all those years ago. I guess today’s kids are either a lot more fragile than they once were or professional perceptions of them have failed to recognize their self-contained resilience and ability to cope and to adjust when not inhibited by societal over protection.

So the idea is to cram as many kids into schools as possible as quickly as possible and all I can see happening is a new pandemic rising from such ill advised actions … a new pandemic driven by the millions of kids that will become infected and who will then carry their infections home with them and spread them to the local community like a raging wildfire. It is already happening in Georgia, a state that kind of acted like a role model for the early school opening urge …. more than 200 new covid cases in one Georgia school district only two days after the rush to reopen — and it will get worse … I believe you can bet your bottom dollar on that one.

I knew it was coming and now I am reading that President Trump has indicated a desire to have his image preserved as an addition to iconic Mt. Rushmore. Stop reading for a minute and let that idea sink in — Trump wants his image to rest forever beside the four presidents already on the national monument. I do not wish to piss on Mr. Trump’s parade, but I find that idea a little off-putting for some reason that I cannot readily put my finger on at the moment. It is the same feeling that sweeps over me when I ponder the idea of adding a chapter to The Holy Bible detailing the life and adventures of Trump.

Read this when you are in the bathroom. It might help your bowels to move a little better:

The President has just recently signed executive orders, one of which is designed to put a halt to the payroll deduction tax (The deduction from paychecks that pays for social security and medicare …. you remember “Cash strapped and imperiled social security and medicare, don’t you? —– and a more recent report I read said that the president would really love to make the stoppage of the payroll tax deductions permanent. If he makes those deductions permanent then there is no source of income for either social security or medicate and eventually both programs would disappear. Are you ready for that to happen?

It’s all so crazy and the worst part of it all is that we might get saddled with four more years of the same … or worse … if The Donald gets re-elected. Is America really that damned stupid?

Europe Getting Alarmed Over U.S. Coronavirus Spread!

Now that the covid 19 cases in the United States is passing the Five-Million mark, it is being widely reported that some European countries are voicing their alarm at the statistics.

Most of the people expressing the alarm are admitting to being astonished, awed and impressed by the fact that America is supposed to be the richest and most powerful country on the planet and still we haven’t been able to get this plague under control.

I am guessing that those who are expressing their fears here are unaware of the idiocy that dominates Washington, D.C., these days … the kind of idiocy that knows about the uncontrolled spread of the pandemic but who just seem to be totally unconcerned about the tragic aspects and their only priority being the winning of a presidential election and the deaths of multiple thousands of Americans is just an “It Is What It Is” situation with them.

Some of the Euro citizens are correctly telling whoever will listen that America does not care about the health of their citizens because if they did care about their citizens, they would have already adopted some of the successful containment techniques and procedures that has virtually freed many of the formerly heavily-infested Euro countries.

I agree with that assessment.

One article I read about all this correctly informs us that because of the dire situation in The United States, now boasting a death toll above 160,000 cases and rising, travel by Americans to Europe is being blocked by many of the concerned nations over there.

I am waiting to hear that The United States has passed the One Million mark in covid deaths and I think I can safely say that if the government doesn’t get off its ass and do something aggressive to counter the pandemic, we will see that one million mark and much sooner than anybody might want to admit.

You can read the rest of that article by finding the Associated Press website and looking for “US tops 5 million confirmed virus cases.” I cannot link over there because I have copyright concerns. But it is worth the effort to find it and to read it.

Now, on top of all that, it is being widely reported that children (Once thought to be immune from the Coronavirus) are some of the most effective spreaders of it.

I was not surprised when I heard that a school district in the State of Georgia registered more than 200 new cases of covid 19 after having rushed to reopen their school systems.

Yes, my friends, America has always been a model for the rest of the world in most things and right now I believe that we are the global model on what not to do in the face of a deadly life-threatening pandemic.

Republicans Alleged To Be Working With Russian-Supplied Disinformation To Denigrate Candidate Joe Biden!


It is being reported that U.S. Intelligence has uncovered a Russian propaganda campaign aimed at making sure Joe Biden is defeated in the 2020 election and, according to all the reports, certain high-level Republicans have accepted the Russian-supplied anti-Biden propaganda and are using it against him.

The Republican names that I saw were Johnson, Grassley and Giuliani. If there are more, I haven’t heard about them yet.

Whether or not President Trump is aware of this allegation and/or whether he agrees with it or supports it in any way, shape or manner is unclear to this writer because I have heard nothing about it.

Here is more:

Is it even possible that members of our own Congress would use this kind of tactic to help defeat a candidate — Would members of our own Congress actually ally themselves with Russia in this kind of thing … and if they do, are there any consequences?

My last question about this matter is, “If this is true and if there are indeed members of our government using Russian-supplied anti-campaign information, does this amount to such members contributing to or supporting or enabling Russian interference in the 2020 election?

Shenanigans And Happenings

The President of The United States, one Donald Trump, is always talking about “Fake News.” But I wonder how many people ever ask themselves, “He is always talking about fake news but does he ever plant his own fake news?”

To try to answer that question, let us consider that he seems to always be telling The American People that the Coronavirus Pandemic is diminishing all over the country when, in fact, it is seriously increasing; not diminishing.

I observe that the President seems to like to assure us all that the pandemic is “Under Control” when, in fact, it is not only out of control, but The United States still does not have a coordinated response tactic other than the ditherings of something called “The White House Coronavirus Task Force” which, in my opinion, isn’t worth the paper it is written on because it is always seemingly contradicting everything the president has to say about the pandemic.

So the question remains, “Does the same president who constantly calls out “Fake News” create his own version of it and try to sell it to The American People?

Let me add another question to that one — “Do The American People know when the president is misrepresenting the truth and, even worse than that, does the president, himself know when he is misrepresenting the truth?”

Little-Known Ways To Burn Extra Calories

Disclaimer: I am not suggesting that anybody do any of the following things. I am not a medical professional and I do not prescribe nor advise on medical matters. If you are concerned about your weight consult with your personal physician. The following is for entertainment only:

How To Burn Extra Calories in a nutshell. Put some calories in a nutshell and throw the whole thing into a fire.

Banging one’s head against a wall for one hour can burn up to 150 calories depending on the intensity of the banging and the hardness of the wall.

Hugging someone can burn 70 calories and can transmit coronavirus at light speed.

Smoking 100 cigarettes can burn a Thousand calories and the elbow action involved in the process can burn an additional 150 calories and if this is done often enough you can burn through a couple of lungs in no time at all.

Thirty minutes of active sex can burn off 200 calories and running from someone’s enraged husband or wife can burn up to 500 calories depending on how far the offended lover chases you.

Kids And The Question Of “In Person” or “Remote Learning” During Pandemic

There is a big rush for everything to get opened up and running again just as if there never was a pandemic. This includes the schools.

So the State of Georgia opened up their schools again and the first thing that happened was that kids began coming down with the coronavirus. Great move on the part of some legislative genius in the peach state!

The CDC has said that closing schools can lead to severe learning loss. They also claim that extended school closures can lead to mental problems in children and can even cause behavioral problems.

So, geniuses everywhere … especially those of you who cannot begin a day without praying to Trump — “Which would you rather have, kids that act out Dr. Spok-Style or kids enshrined in pretty little coffins with lots of flowers all around?

The coronavirus knows nothing about the age of its victims. It has killed kids as well as adults and now some of the knuckle-dragging adults who failed their third grade graduation exams are wetting their pants, waiting for the first opportunity to cram their kids into crowded schools where covid19 death lurks on every touchable surface and in the breath of every infected kid.

I Choose Safety Over Politics

Sooner or later somebody is going to come up with a vaccine for coronavirus. It may be a highly reputable and respectable pharmaceutical organization or it may be a bunch of witch doctors wearing white coats and holding American transfer medical degrees. Whoever comes up with a vaccine, I want it to be proven to be safe and effective before I roll up my sleeve.

I know that whoever develops a safe and effective vaccine will clash head on with the knuckle braggers in the anti-vaccine crowd. This bunch of idiots will do all they can to claim that the vaccine will make children be born with two heads. Their efforts will go a long way toward insuring the continuation of the spread of the deadly virus. But that is who they are and we have to learn to live with them. (Until their activities are declared to be a danger to public health and they begin to be prosecuted and have to pay big fines or go to jail in order to shut their asses up!

That aside, I want to state categorically that I trust our medical scientists — the legitimate ones –and I will definitely follow the advice of the medical community about a vaccine and I will totally ignore anything the Trump bunch has to say about it.