Albert Einstein is quoted to have said,  Two things are infinite; the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

I would like to start off today by suggesting that the Infinity of the universe is limited to the conceptualization of the human mind who observes it in terms of its own condition, it’s own perceptions its own biases, the limitations of its individual education, geopolitical location ethnic heritage and a number of other practical and theoretical limitations based entirely on the collectivity factor of the human race as a whole.

Then we have the rather strange phenomenon of the human ego that claims that the individual mind is infinitely capable of achieving or understanding whatever it can conceive. Now then,  the limitations of the human mind to conceive anything are themselves limited by all kinds of factors including what data is available to extrapolate to intermix and to theorize about, what conditions exist at the time extrapolation of the extrapolation or theorization session is scheduled to take place.

The individual mind is both limited (By its own causal factors) and by the fact that it is a transient manifestation of that universal principle upon which all creation is based in the first place and by the possibility that the ever-expanding universe is self-limiting in and of itself. —- This is something I doubt many thinkers ever give much thought to. It is always embarrassing to admit to any kind of limitations within or without the various structures that make up the brain. —- I, personally believe that the brain, itself, has a built in revulsion at the thought of being limited or of being finite for that matter, and I believe the brain is preconditioned to resist anything that might limit its abilities or which might threaten its existence. — And I believe all thought energies and patterns derive from this basic desire for self-preservation of the organ itself.

“Stupidity, of course, is not the lack of knowledge, but is, instead, the mis-application or misapprehension of the knowledge that is available to those doing the analytic process on anything that captures the imagination and stirs the emotions to explore.


Black Friday Rip Offs

I sincerely hope that everybody who took advantage of the massive amount of Black Friday merchandise sales will enjoy their bargain purchases for years and years to come. —– But I have a suspicion that will not happen for a number of reasons:

First of all —– Have you noticed or did it escape your attention that most of the merchandise with the insanely low price tags in your favorite store are, most likely, older models and more often than not, are sold on the same terms and at the same prices as they were sold at the year before? (Or maybe, in some cases, a couple of years before.) — It always pays to try to determine the date of manufacture on anything that you purchase, regardless of price. —- When I purchase something, I want the absolute latest and best that I can find.

That might not be an issue for most consumers but let me give you an example of when it would be important to avoid older models of merchandise — especially things like computers, other electronic devices, small home appliances and the like:

I bought a new computer at the regular time of the year and I paid full price for it. But my computer only has security support from the only available operating system for a period of five years from the time it was built by the operating system managers. My computer was purchased in 2019 and the version of the operating system in my computer was built in 2019 so that means I will have to buy another computer (If I desire the same brand — and, believe me when I tell you that I do want the same brand …for reasons of my own) — I will have to buy another computer sometime in 2024.

But imagine if I had purchased a Black Friday computer on sale and the on-sale computer had been “Built” a couple of years earlier. That means I would be able to use the bargain computer for a couple of years less and would have to buy a newer one a lot quicker. — Warranties are very important and I cannot see the advantage in buying merchandise that is older, a lot cheaper, but on which the warranties will expire in an insanely short time from the time of my purchase. —– That is one of the pitfalls of Black Friday bargains.

Another trick that some merchandisers use is the same trick that I believe some grocery stores and others use to make consumers think they are saving money by shopping in their establishments. —– The “Trick” I am talking about is that just before the Black Friday sales are scheduled to begin, some stores will raise the prices on their offerings  substantially from what they originally sold them for and then, at the time the Black Friday sales begin, they will mark them down again giving the illusion (the false picture) that the purchaser is gaining a bargain. — The grocery stores and bargain outlets that I referenced earlier often have “Customer Cards” and people who use their card are supposed to get discounts on merchandise purchased using the card. —- I believe this is another “Mark It Up and then Mark It Down” ploy to make the customers who have such cards think they have saved some money by using their “Special” customer card. —- In my opinion, this kind of marketing is deceptive and an affront to my dignity. — But a lot of people fall for such deceptive hokum and seem to be pleased at getting deceived in this manner. —– These “Loyal” customers will argue with you until they are gasping for the next breath that they “Always save loads of money shopping at this store or that store…. and they will show you the register receipts to prove their point …. the register receipts that proudly proclaim, “You saved this amount of money today.” Total BS in my estimation …. (My opinion.). — I would rather do comparison shopping among retailers than depend entirely on a “Shoppers’ Card” of any stripe, variety or ilk.

There are reported to be a number of manufacturers of consumer goods —- especially television sets, radios, telephones, other electronic devices, some small appliances — an endless variety of things — who manufacture products especially to be sold on Black Friday and when they manufacture this special genre of merchandise, they manufacture it by using the cheapest, shoddiest parts they can find and the quality of such merchandise is absolute crap. —– Because of this, I make sure that if I purchase anything, I purchase something from a manufacturer with which I am familiar and I avoid “Off Brands” like the plague. —- I would say that “Off Brand” food items are often an exception to this rule because I have learned that the manufacturers of “Off Brand” food items produce things that are as good or better than some of the more recognizable brands and they do this because they have to work harder in order to compete in the market they have targeted and in which they operate.

It’s your money, folks —- and there are a lot of people out there who want to relieve you of as much of it as quickly and painlessly as possible. Always be on guard. — I call being on guard in this manner as “Defensive Shopping.”

The Hate Parade

I believe that President Trump will run again and win. —– The hate parade of the Democrats can then run for another 4 years —– Sooner or later hate will take its toll on the Trump haters —– I believe their continued hate campaign will eventually drive most of them utterly clinically mad —– I know a couple of them that are almost there now —– The Trump haters should be glad that they are getting all the benefits from the Trump administration ….. they are being helped …. improved …. advanced …. not robbed blind like the Democrats are prone to do with their “Big Government Is Good For Everybody” nonsense —– If you want to see the results of Democrat leadership all you have to do is take a close look at Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Dearborn and Baltimore —– to name a few.


Bloomberg Wants To Tax The Poor So They Will Live Longer.

If I have not lost my mind completely, I believe I am witnessing a candidate for President of The United States, one Michael Bloomberg, saying that he is in favor of raising taxes on poor people in order to keep them from buying more things that might harm them and thus, allowing them to live longer lives.

Needless to say, “If that is what this candidate is saying, there is no way in Hell that I will ever cast a vote for him. But there is always the chance that I could have heard this wrong or misinterpreted what I was hearing.

Differences Between Democrats and Republicans

Neither party, Democrats or Republicans, are anywhere very near to what they were when they were first organized and became a part of America’s Government.

Their various ways of getting things done is changing rapidly, their values systems are changing with advances in cultural and technological considerations —- what was once a very moral idea with the Democrats, for example, that enslavement of human beings for profit was a wonderful, acceptable, worthy and Biblically-supported enterprise — (Democrats introduced slavery to The United and supported it for a very very long time)

But today, most Democrats (I do believe) probably view the idea of slavery as reprehensible as any other human with a sense of decency does. (But I will not say that for certain … ).

I remember that during the administration of President John F. Kennedy, the Democrats were pretty far to the political left. —– I believe the leftward slide became even more visible when President Johnson started the very Leftist model and called it “The Great Society.” —– I call “The Great Society” the “Great Grab and Give-Away” program. —– but it did do some good ….. it got a lot of flush toilets into a lot of appalachian homes for the very first time.

Then along comes President Obama and the Leftward drift of the Democrats accelerated exponentially and, even as I type this article, that Leftward slide is becoming ever more intense —- as in the example presented by what some observers have called “The Soviet-Style Impeachment Inquiries” now going on in the center ring in the big top of Washington, D.C.

Today’s Democrats support grabbing all the taxpayer money they can grab so that they can waste it on social programs that will make life easy for those who do not necessarily want to work for a living —–They are supporting giving every indigent, every immigrant (Legal or illegal), every welfare-dependent and all the rest of us free medical care …. an idea that will cost Trillions of dollars and which will eventually bankrupt a lot of Middle Class Americans —– They continue to support the murder of the innocent unborn children by making access to abortions ever easier —- (Thank God that some states are fighting back and making abortion providers harder to fine and making it more difficult for the child killers to do their thing) —– and now they are even throwing around the idea of giving a basic free “Guaranteed Income” to everybody —– I can just see the dopers and the drunks getting all excited about this prospect ….. The Democrats still live under the idea that Big Government is the answer to every American problem ….. of course, it is all smoke and mirrors and bullshit …. It is an unachievable fantasy.

The Republicans, on the other hand, are not interested so much in giving away the entire show at the expense of the citizens …. but are more focused on raising the standard of living for every American Citizen through programs to create more jobs, to stimulate the general economy, they are focused on giving unborn children the right to be born and to enjoy a life instead of the death warrant of the abortionists —– Republicans want businesses of every stripe and kind to be able to operate without a bottom-line-killing mountain of government regulations (Usually totally unnecessary regulations)—–

Republicans want immigrants to come into the country legally instead of illegally and they want The United States to get off dependence on foreign countries for oil and other necessary commodities and to make America energy-independent again —– Republicans want to get us out of all those senseless, wasteful, murderous global wars and conflicts and other such like entanglements —

Democrats seem to believe in the worship of an all-powerful state that controls every aspect of the daily lives of the citizens and which provides for what it believes to be the needs of the citizens (whether the citizens agree with those assessments or not) through theft of individual income through oppressive taxes and the theft of personal property through eminent domain — The Democrats want to tell us all whether or not we can smoke, what we can eat, how much we can eat ….They are controllers —- They have always been controllers — They will always be controllers —- They are tribalist to the core —-

Republicans, by comparison, want every American to be free —– really free — to make their own decisions, to take their own risks, to suffer their own consequences or enjoy the rewards of their own labors ……

I can’t wait to hear the blithering and blathering response of the socialists to this one — I am sure it will be scathing and filled with all kinds of non-informational nonsense and defense of “The Party and The State.”

Changes In My Blog

I have chosen a new type font from the selection feature of —– I have selected the font called “JAF Facit” because it was designed to be highly visible and easily readable on the Internet. —– I hope this font comes across to you when you are reading my posts. —– In addition, I have increased the size of my typewritten words here on the blog to 21px because that is the size that most people ….. even people with vision challenges ….. ought to be able to read without too much trouble.

Instagram and Facebook Suffer Outages on Thanksgiving Day

Users of the iconic electronic communications and social media sites, Instagram and Facebook are reporting that they have been experiencing occasional outages … on a more or less recurring basis today (Thanksgiving Day.)

Both companies have said that they are aware of the problems being encountered by their users and both companies have stated that they are working to fix the problems as soon as possible.

So, are we experiencing some kind of “Intervention” in the signals of these social sites, is it something generic to their systems, Is it some kind of practice run for foreign countries who want to meddle in the 2020 elections, Is is some kind of cyber attack or is it just plain old system problems that can be fixed quickly?

Here is what “The Verge” is saying about the outages —–

War Is Driven By Sex Drive

The earliest engravings of ancient warriors on the battlefield invariably pictured the combatants in various stages of nudity — and always with enhanced muscularity —- and almost always in some aspect of a violent and bloody battle …. depicted in the most socially-acceptable scenes of carnage. —– Some people who have seen such “Works Of Art” might even conclude that they represented a very early, very primitive form of pornography.

Then there are all the accounts of the warriors of olden times being given the “Spoils” of their victories —- plunder, pillage and Rape. —- This introduces sex as a motivator for all the violence of wars.

It is true (Probably) that most modern wars are fought for the sake of money, power and territory —- but it is not beyond my scope of belief to assume that the men who actually go into combat with the mission of killing enemy soldiers go into the fray somewhat “Turned On” by the experience — just the same as their ancient counterparts.

Although I cannot speak of any specific instances, I can have a little personal faith that rape, pillage, plunder and atrocities still occur on the fields of battle all around the globe and that all these kinds of negative consequences of warfare probably stem from over active testosterone.

I found an article about all this that I thought was intriguing and here is a link:

Bloomberg For President ? ? ?

The Bloomberg campaign for the presidency of The United States is reported to be hitting some serious snags from the very outset —– Somebody wrote something somewhere saying that a rich white man is the last person the Democrats want to see running for president on their ticket. —— No matter what anybody thinks, I have news for you —–I do not believe that Mr. Bloomberg will ever beat Donald Trump in this election.

I am not so sure and I do not know whether Mr. Bloomberg actually wants to receive the nomination or whether he might just be purchasing millions of dollars of advertising against the Trump campaign. —– If this is true, then it would be a very expensive anti-Trump effort. (And if it is true then I for one believe it will fail totally!).

I was always under the impression that the Democrats are not really fond of elderly white guys as candidates and that strikes me as hilarious because there are already so many elderly white guys in the Democrat Party.

What I am really waiting to see is the Democrats bringing their whistle blower out of hiding and running him or her for president. —– wouldn’t that be a hoot?

I believe it is going to take a lot more than big deep pockets filled with almost endless wads of cash to defeat “The Donald” in 2020. —– While I am on this kick, can you see much difference between the Bloomberg rallying cry, “Rebuild America” and President Trump’s “Make America Great Again?” —– I think the similarities in the slogans are outstanding. —– I wonder how many other people are noticing this?

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t one of Mr. Bloomberg’s big issues all about “Gun Control?” —–Here’s what an article reported to be from the NRA has to say about it: —–

I can’t wait to see how the gun owners of America will react to that bit of news. (If it is, in fact, real news. —– and I have nothing to convince me one way or the other about whether it is real news or not —– I found it on the Internet.

This whole Bloomberg Campaign will be very interesting to watch.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone within the sound of this keyboard on which I am writing this blog post. —– I cannot remember my very first Thanksgiving but I do remember a lot of them. —– I remember that the holiday has become more about stuffing your mouth with good food until your stomach hurts and you get dazed and sleepy —– I remember that much about it! —– Americans are sometimes a little self-indulgent, aren’t they? —– but don’t they deserve to be a little self-indulgent?

There was a time when I was working with a building contractor who owned a farm. —– Among other things he had on his farm was one big elderly “Tom” turkey. —– The contractor’s children had teased that turkey and beat on him until he was actually mean-spirited and if anyone came near him, he would fight them with wings and feet as best as he could. —– I felt sorry for the poor creature and set out to make friends with him.

Making friends with this nasty-tempered old turkey wasn’t an easy task but I began to sit in the barn with him, offering him corn kernels in my open hand and talking sweetly to him …… talking to him as if he were a poor abused child. —– In a few weeks, this turkey would come to me and lean against me and allow me to pet him. —– I was happy with this development and I was the only person on the farm who could get near him.

That was a very happy occasion for me —– and probably for the turkey as well.