How To Lose All Your Readers And Wreck Your Blog

First of all, if you start out with One reader, you are doing well because, if you are a small blogger with a small blog, you are going to attract a small audience …. especially if your ideas and opinions are as small as you are.

If you get Two readers for your blog, feel blessed because you are on top of the world of infinite possibilities at that point … why?  Because you are competing with 6-billion other blogs for attention on the Internet.  Two readers out of a possible 6-billion is a very successful rate and you should be satisfied with it for the next One Hundred years at least.

Remember that “Followers” are not the same as “Readers.” Followers follow blog sometimes just because they are fishing for the blogger being followed to follow them in return. That sucks but that is how clever some people think they are being. You could amass a total of 6 or 7-hundred “Followers” and never have anything you write read by more than Two or Three people.

Remember also that a big portion of the “Hits” recorded by your blog statistics are really nothing more than electronic impressions created by a swarm of nasty little electrical impulses called “Bots.” Bots can neither think nor read, but they strike a key on your blog and make you think somebody is reading.

So, if you are an average beginning blogger, you really don’t have to do anything to lose all your readers, because you probably don’t have nearly as many as you believe you have anyway — and the best way to wreck your blog is to get too deep into believing that you are significant in the blogging world and that the things you have to say are magnets to a horde of people seeking your knowledge and wisdom.

It just isn’t true and if you haven’t spent thousands of dollars on advertising for your blog on various social media and print media and broadcast media, you probably will never achieve much of anything besides ego satisfaction from your blog anyway.

Happy blogging!

New Rise In Anti-Semitism (Part 1)

Anti-Semitism is not new to either the world or to The United States in particular. The social phenomenon has been around for at least a couple of centuries here in the USA.

No matter the argument about where Anti-Semitism came from or how it got started, the fact is that it has risen its ugly head once more and something needs to be done about it before it spreads any farther into our Society.

So what, exactly, is “Anti-Semitism?”
One definition has it thus:
“Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.”

Source for the information above —–

I believe that most Americans (Especially younger Americans) will form their impressions of Anti-Semitism from what they have learned of the Holocaust that occurred before and during years of The Second World War.

So now, we are faced with what some sources are calling “A New Rise In Anti-Semitism” both globally and in America where we just have had (In the recent months) some unprovoked attacks on Synagogues by persons who have generally been described as “Beset by emotional and mental problems of one kind or another.”

While I am on this subject, let me say that I view Anti-Semitism as Xenophobic too and, as I recall, The United States has suffered Her share of Xenophobia through the ages as well.

So far as I can discern, there have, as yet, been no reported attacks on Jewish People in America from mobs or police or the military (As there have been in times past in locales around the globe.) I think we can breathe a prayer of thanks to God for this. The situation could certainly be a lot worse than it has been thus far, although there is never any kind of Anti-Semitism that is acceptable or that can be defined as “Brotherly Love.” I find this development to be striking and disturbing since we are supposed to be living in a loving, caring, compassionate and kindly-natured “Christian Society” where the norms of behavior of The Bible are supposed to underlie our national paradigm (Character).

I am sure that one of the possible remedies for Anti-Semitism anywhere is more education about the Myths and Facts surrounding the victims of the social phenomenon we call “Anti-Semitic.”

I am equally certain that more education is also the remedy for most kinds of prejudicial behavior against varied Ethnicities, beliefs and customs.

One misunderstanding of “The New Rise” in Anti-Semitism comes (I believe … this is my opinion, folks) from a conflation of a modern trend, in some circles, to express dislike for the Government of the Nation of Israel with the historic “Hatred Of Jews” based on cultural and religious differences that has occurred historically in various and sundry places around the globe.

I am still waiting to find out if the new outbreak of this disease is based on Culture, Religion, Economics, Politics or if it is simply Racial Extremism.

I wish it had not happened.

(More Later.)

Americans Mistrust Media More and More

It has been decades since the erosion of America’s trust in the Main Stream Media started to erode and according to reports, that mistrust is greater today than it ever has been before.

This includes TV, Radio, all print media — almost all the corporate-owned Main Stream Media in America has been affected by growing consumer mistrust.

Forty-Five percent of Americans polled said they have little or no confidence in broadcast news and they said they see such News as biased or simply not true!

The picture is almost as dire for newspapers.

On average, it has been reported, there are only about 13 percent of Americans who have any kind of trust in the media anymore.

I do not find this surprising as most so-called “Public Media” is owned and controlled by private parties or corporations whose bottom line agenda is simply a “Bottom Line” agenda!

What gets printed or broadcast today is what the owners of the Media desire to see printed or broadcast — and, of course, that is their right.

Trump Trashed For Fighting Anti-Semitism — But Now A Different Song

Some people have been trying to blame President Trump for the rising Anti-Semitism in America and now some of those same Trashers are calling for him to fight against it more determinedly!


Red more here about the double mindedness of the unbalanced  Radical Left in America:

Here is news for the Trump-Trashing Democrats — “You can’t have it both ways, A-Holes!

Life Without Excuses

Here is a quote I wish to share this morning:

The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have. ~ Louis E. Boone

Yes, as I look back, I can agree that I could have avoided a lot of time, trouble and expense if I had of possessed the wits about me to avoid the trap of marriage, mortgages and brats.

I might have amounted to something in Life had I not settled for being over-flowed with money.

I probably should have lived to help other people more than myself.

But, as it stands, I am content with the way things are at the present moment. At  least for now I am still above the sod and breathing fairly regularly.

Republicans In Texas Plan Fake Campaign Websites Against Democrats
I have read the article on another blog saying that the Republican Party in Texas is planning to build phony websites that will feature a lot of fake information about the Democrats. The article reportedly appears in an edition of “The Houston Chronicle” but for some reason I am unable to access the article without paying for a subscription and I never pay for information on the Internet.  So, if you have access to the newspaper I am talking about you can read the article for yourself.

In the meantime, allow me to express my personal opinion:

Texas Republicans shouldn’t be so quick with their plan to do these kinds of websites because as far as I am concerned everything that flows from the mouth of Democrats today is fake news anyway …. and I think most people who are not asleep at the wheel sense that, know that, understand that, are aware of that …. Americans are not stupid!

Flu-Related Deaths Are Up This Season

The Center for Disease Control reports that there have been 2,100 deaths from Flu this season which I believe is a lot more than the normal.

Now, whenever I go out into the public anywhere, I am always very careful to avoid getting close to any children (Brats) who are coughing and hacking and sneezing because here in The United States, there is what amounts to a cult of idiots who refuse to have their kids vaccinated against Flu because they have believed the lies that tell them “Flu Vaccine Causes Autism” and other such fabricated lies.

Also, I carry a container filled with hand-sanitizer in the event I have to touch any surfaces in a public bathroom … or on door handles … or shopping carts … or if I shake hands with anybody.

Remember …. If you use hand sanitizer, it has to be rubbed completely into the skin in order to be effective. Just applying it to the surface of hands and then wiping it off will do nothing at all in the way of protection against germs.

The best idea is to thoroughly wash hands after touching anything or anybody.

Here is more from the CDC about this debilitating and sometimes fatal disease —

I cannot believe there are so many people who are stupid enough to refuse to get their vaccinations or to have their kids vaccinated.  But I am not a doctor and I cannot (and do not) prescribe anything to anybody) so, if you have questions about vaccines, I suggest you speak to your personal physician because your personal physician is your only dependable source of health-care information.  That is my opinion anyway.

Maybe Titles Are Alright After All

I stopped putting titles on articles because I thought they were too big, gaudy and awkward.  So I learned a little more about CSS manipulation and found a way to make the titles the same size as the body type and now I am satisfied. So, for the time being, it is back to titles on articles.

We had a visitor from Germany yesterday and another from Finland today. I am thrilled to have these wonderful people visit with us here on “Lines By Liming” and I do hope you will come back and visit with us often.

It is raining here in the United States this morning (Midwestern Region) and that is fine with me because rain is always better than snow.  We have been having unseasonably warm weather here for a few weeks now and I hope that it continues for awhile yet.

Ham and eggs for breakfast today; home-made vegetable/beef soup for dinner. Yummy!

O.K., folks …. I am out of here for awhile …. getting ready to go to church this morning … I will see you all later if The Lord is willing and if the creeks don’t rise too much.

Perhaps A Better Idea
Instead of having another “Show Trial” in the Senate impeachment thing, why not go for the shortest possible trial and acquittal and let Pelosi sit in the political hole she has dug for herself while the Republicans focus on winning the election in 2020?