He Must Have Loved The Outcasts

A man has reportedly gotten himself into some trouble with the Law in Essex allegedly for keeping pets — (Some of them dangerous) — in his bedroom without the proper licenses.

The article I was reading said that the man had a crocodile and 35 different snakes as pets in his bedroom.  He also had, at one time, seven spiders, one bull frog and a turtle.

I guess the rub in this article might be that he reportedly was unable to care for the creatures properly and that some of them had died or were in poor health at the time they were discovered by authorities.

This article made me sad because I love little cute creatures …. I dearly love them and I hate to see any of them suffer …. but I also feel bad for the man because he must have dearly loved all his little animal friends …. This world is filled with sadness.

What To Expect From Dem Dumbs If President Is Acquitted!

“Well, anyone and everyone knows how this movie ends. The president will not be removed from office and the Democrats will continue wasting precious time and our money attempting to entrap him or just smear him until the election,” Ingraham said. “In calling Trump and his forthcoming acquittal illegitimate, the Democrats are kettles calling the pots black. With each crazy utterance, they degrade their diminished credibility and expose their own abuse of power.” —– https://www.foxnews.com/media/laura-ingraham-democrats-are-kettles-calling-the-pots-black

If the President is acquitted, I am certain that the Democrats will spend the next few years continuing in their efforts to find things to smear him with. (Pissing in the wind all the way) —- The kind of excessive, unreasonable, mindless rage they have shown even before he was ever elected and continuing unabated ever since is not going to end …ever …in my personal opinion. Mark my words and mark them well …. Democrat hatred of President Trump is now well ingrained into their dna and there is where it will stay until the cows come home and that is what they will be spending as much Taxpayer cash on as they can grab and as long as any of them are permitted to continue their ridiculously laughable claim of being a legitimate political entity.

Somebody on the Dem side has apparently begun to float the idea of challenging an acquittal. What I say is “Somebody on all the other sides should be floating the idea of decertifying and disqualifying the whole damned Democrat party as legitimately representing their constituencies.

There Is A Coronovirus Vaccine Already!

Scientists have already developed a vaccine against the new Coronovirus. The rub is that it will not be ready for use on humans for at least two years. They have to do all the animal tests first (while fighting the animal rights assholes) — It is predicted in some places that the vaccine will not be ready for two years from now.

Enjoy your Hum Dum Chop Suey until then and remember … nobody knows whether wearing a mask helps prevent contact with the virus or not.

Fifty Million people died in 1918 of a world-wide flu epidemic.  One Fifth of the World’s population was stricken during the epidemic.

If this breakout disease works anything like the 1918 flu epidemic did, then it means that as many as 25% of Americans are probably subject to catching it …. which means 81.8 million of us laid up in bed (Or worse) if they don’t get the thing under control in a hurry.

Of course, I am sure the Democrats will want to open our borders to all the poor, unfortunate “Refugees” from the stricken diseased areas of the world.

Moonlight Mood

photo of moon during night
Photo by Rok Romih on Pexels.com

There is the mystery … There is the Moon in all her glory … she is waiting for me …. she desires my caresses, my attentions, my thoughts, feelings, hopes, wishes, desires!

I lay on my back; the campfire subsided now … listening to the sounds of the woodlands shrouded in their coats of blackish night.

The warmth of the night air grows cooler … I slide farther back into my tent and wrap myself in a blanket … listening! Listening! Listening to the sound of the trickling water in the nearby creek …. the sweet low murmurings of the distant tree frogs ….

Ghosts from the past slide silently and eerily by, almost unnoticed by me except for their smoothness, their transparency,  the warm cooing of their voices as they plead with me to show them some attention.

The smell of the tall pines massage the inside of my nose with it’s sensual finery, clothed in the natural smell of green in a fresh breeze …. the pine touches my soul and ignites small fires of pleasure and thoughts of times gone by and times yet to come … of things … things seen, things unseen, things that are, things that were, things that cold never be. I love the pines.

I look into the Moons soft sweet face, all aglow with love for me … love for the night … love for all that is in the night … I look into her face and she whispers to me of how things will be in a few years from now …. In her face, in my mind, I glimpse the future … The ground beneath my body is hard yet comforting … The smell of earth mingles with the pines … I feel primal, free, pure!

Sleep approaches, dancing her seduction, rustling the leaves of the trees above … stirring the grass outside my tent … walking tenderly, softly … ever so softly ….. reaching out to take me in her arms for the night ….I never fight sleep because she is always so beautiful.

In this place and in this time there is no one else on the earth besides me, the trees, the night and …. The Moon above and that makes this my secret place, suspended somewhere in time between ….. between everything.

Millions Of Americans Can’t Afford Critically-Needed Medicines!

A friend of mine wrote an appeal on her facebook page about the rising and almost impossible-to-pay costs of critically needed medicines such as insulin for diabetic patients. I have a cousin who is in the same boat … in desperate daily need of a medicine that is slowly driving her to the poor house.

The question has been asked, “Where Is Congress” on this vital issue?

Read this when you get the chance: —– https://www.redstate.com/diary/jessegrady/2020/01/30/58-million-americans-can%e2%80%99t-afford-their-prescription-drugs.-where%e2%80%99s-congress

Then leave a comment and tell me what you would want to see done about this mess.