I didn’t do much yesterday and I probably won’t do much today but if it warms up outside I will try to get out and go for a walk.

Went to McDonald’s yesterday for a hamburger and some fries and a medium cola drink.

My friend and I have been watching rented movies at home for the past month or so. We get them at the local library. Most of them are crap that should have never been released but some of them are good. I tend to sleep on the couch through a lot of them.

I am in the “I’m tired of politics” mood again because it is so contentious.  But I will get over it soon and will start yammering on about the political mess once more …. probably in the very post following this one. That’s how I roll.

I understand that the Google thing will delete your blog posts if they think that the posts are spammy or if you scrape material off other blogs …. a whole bunch of hoops to jump through …Nothing is easy anymore is it?

I am telling you for a fact that it is tough to live on $6,000 dollars a week and never let anybody tell you that it isn’t so.


Serenade Of The Shadows

Ghosts long vanished but still appearing fleet seductively across the veil of night, echoing their mournful sighs and wails against the brilliance of the stars, while I, in a more reflective mood, swing high in the branches of an old apple tree.

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I have skipped the navigation of the regions of the dead because there are few sex symbols to be found there …. none that can be of any use to me in my present state, that is …. rather nebulous in its acrid state of rot is the ream of death, but fascinating enough to cause me to swing ever higher among the apples.

Oh hallowed souls at rest, around yon sacred shrine, what dread, unholy visions disturb sacred crypts of thine?  Your pitiful lonely and mournful shrieks calm down and become a siren song of melody … melody wrapped in moth-eaten shrouds … but music nonetheless.

It is a haunting story, this night of visions, this night of natural sounds and un-natural sounds, of the heaving of the earth, of the clawing hand pushing up the dirt in front of ancient headstones …. the silent toll of a bell that hasn’t rung in centuries breaks through the still of the night with a sound that isn’t really there but stirs the soul anyway with tones and tunes imagined … felt, embraced, eaten … drunk like fine wine or clear water flowing from one or more of those crystal stars above.

I hear a crow somewhere in the distance … a tree frog … the croak of something I do not wish to see.

Something behind the apple tree, something I cannot see, something staring at me.

Yet, I do not wish for the spectre to depart, but I want it to remain and share what is on it’s moulding heart.

The only thing the ghost could share with me is stories of things that were before and never again can be … the image of itself in life long gone …. the image of myself bearing the burden of associating with something that is not really there …. but still is everywhere.

A materialized spawn of the night … broken fences quake beneath the weight of the weightless spectres gathering on its rails ….the soft summer breeze rustling the leaves of the trees … bearing the scent of decay and violets and all the green things …. all the things trampled beneath the feet of those who walk the night and who are so transparent that they cannot even see each other ….. and who barely notice me,

Swinging up there, way high up there, in that rotting old apple tree.

I hope nothing rises to take hold of my ankle and yet something does …. but I do not really feel it tugging at me …. wanting to unseat me from the swing …. wanting to drag my soul from my body and hang it on a star …. The swing begins to sing a song of its own …. but it isn’t a song I have ever heard or known …. less like a childlike tune, more like the mourning of a saddened moon.

Is that, then, the rising of the sun in the distance I see …. or is it the setting of the same sent to beguile and confuse me …. swinging in that tree …. awaiting the ghosts that nobody else can see ….

Oh my … ghost apples appearing within the leaves of the tree …. how oh how can such things be? Are they always there or are they there just for me? I see right through them and they see inside of me …silvery as the stars of the night sky …..transparent as something born to die ….ghost apples …. food for the spirit … the spirit of food … an anomaly to me …. something indeed that everyone should see …. how oh how can such things be?

A strange airy laugh from nowhere really … crimson lips that come and go … The apple tree bleeding the blood of all who are buried beneath it ….the red of blood, the blue of sky, the royal robes of all who die … and the silvery ghost apple as the sceptre upon which rests the severed head …. of at least one ancient one …. risen again from the long dead. …. to serenade me, in the swing up in the tree.

My Trip With My Dad On The Island Queen In The Summer Of 1947

Coney Island Amusement Park, Cincinnati, Oho — 1947:

The Steamer, “Island Queen” operated and owned by Coney Island, Cincinnati took passengers to the amusement park and back to Cincinnati on several regular trips daily during the Summer Months.

My dad, took me on the last such trip in 1947 … the very year the magnificent steamer was forever lost to a terrible explosion and fire while docked in Pittsburgh, Ohio.

Here is a rendition of the ship as done for me by my Son, Eric, as a birthday gift:


Americans Are Not As Free As They Would Like To Believe

Most citizens of The United State take great pride in what they think are their more or less unlimited freedoms …. but there are a lot of things the average American does not know or ever think about.

One of the most shocking things confronting American Citizens is that much of their illusion of freedom is concocted …. is illusory …. is something that has been ingrained in each citizen from the time of their birth to the time of their death.

This is not to say that the level of freedom in America isn’t the best in the world, because there are plenty of facts to back up the fact that Americans are probably freer than any other peoples on the planet.

But still, regardless of public perception, there are limits on our freedoms and here are some of the reasons why this is true:

First on the list is the staggering number of laws, rules and regulations that are on the books and which all of us have to adhere to.  I would go so far as to say that Americans are among the most over-regulated people on the face of the planet.

It stands to reason that where there are more laws, more restrictions, more rules, more regulations, more legal control over the daily affairs of a population, there is, in fact, less freedom!

A lot of our laws are designed not for the purpose of protecting us from evil, but are for taxing the population … for allowing government (especially Liberal government) to stick their noses into places where their noses probably do not appropriately belong … places such as the private business of citizens …. the things that happen within the family unit in America — control of how business people operate their businesses ….. control of the Media, control of the education system, control of the health care system, controls and regulations over the food distribution system — in fact, there are more laws to govern people and things, procedures and processes, in America than there is in any other place on earth.

The downside of all this is aided and abetted by the Democrats and the Liberals. They are the ones who want more government control over everything and everybody. They are the ones who dream of a super-government that takes care of every need of everybody from the cradle to the grave … all at the expense of the working people … while the 1% of the richest among us get off more or less scott free.

This cannot be sustainable for very much longer and is, in fact, one of the main reasons such governmental monoliths as Ancient Rome and Greece finally toppled into the dustbins of History — too many laws … to much control.

America is on the brink, folks …. the evidence is our broken, divided, dysfunctional government that looks more and more every day like it has passed the point of repair.

Bloomberg Pledges To Spend 1-Billion Dollars On Campaign For Presidency!

Michael Bloomberg is, undisputedly, a very very wealthy man ….. a billionaire who feels he can afford to spend millions and more millions on a campaign to become President of The United States.

Now here is the fly in the ointment as far as I am concerned:

Bloomberg is running on the Democrat Ticket.

The Democrats always try to cast themselves as despisers of the very rich.

The Democrats always portray themselves as being against the very wealthy until —until — until (Can I repeat “Until” enough times to make a point here?) —- until it suits their agenda to embrace a billionaire ….. especially a billionaire whom they seem to believe can actually “Buy” (Purchase) (Acquire) the nomination for the Office of President Of The United States for himself …..

I guess the “Lovers Of Poor Americans” and the “Disdain For Massive Weath In Politics”-Crowd of Democrats and their cronies can turn on a policy dime if they feel it supports their agenda of remaking the country in their own socialist image.

There is no way that a Capitalist” president is ever going to advance socialist agenda so the current crop of hard-left-leaning Democrats are going to find themselves very disappointed in that area.

And, Oh by the way …. to you Trump Haters out there: “Have you ever thought of Mr. Bloomberg as just a bigger, brighter, louder, richer version of President Trump?

Libtards Accusing Trump Of Plans To Meddle In The 2020 Election Process.

I knew this was going to happen and now it is happening.

I read an article in some remote Libtard online shitstorm this morning claiming that President Trump will attempt to influence the election process for the upcoming 2020 election which is only 8 months away.

It is, of course, pure communist inspired bullshit to say that the President would attempt to manipulate an election.

What is true, to my personal belief, is that the anal-crusted old Trump Hating Democrats that tried so desperately to get him removed from office ….. and failed miserably because The American People are on to their shit now ….. will do everything in their power to see that votes are mis-tabulated, mis-entered, lost, altered, added to or detracted from — any kind of fraudulent activity that they think they can get away with ….. with the sole intent and purpose of trying to make sure the President is not reelected.

I have already heard them pissing and moaning about their belief that President Trump’s name should not even appear on the ballot in 2020 — and that was my first clue as to what these intransigent sobs might be up to.

Yes, folks, I believe the Libtards will do their damnedest to make sure this upcoming election is a “Hot” one …. but I believe equally that they will be spinning their wheels and that they will get nowhere because America is not yet ready to live under socialist domination from Washington, D.C.

Thief Arrested Many Times Thanks Democrats For Bail Reform Law
This is such a g*d d**ned obvious idiotic f**king law — and it is the gift of New York Democrats …. the gift that I believe will never stop giving.

Thief who has already been arrested more than 130 times always gets released because of asinine new law in New York …. a egregious non-American law put into place by mindless democrats ….. and what the hell else would you expect from democrats? This is how they roll.

read the whole damned filthy story here —- Dem Law Releases Criminals

Lickety-Smirchlet And The Golden Pepperdine

I went to see Lickety-Schmirlet but his house was so filled with old newspapers and piled up clothes I couldn’t see whether he was at home or not. When I called out to him, all I got in return was the sound of a thousand bees encamped in their combs underneath his dining room table.

I managed to clear a path to his refrigerator but when I opened the refrigerator door, I discovered that the appliance was not plugged in, the motor was not running and a horrible stench filled the room as about a million maggots fell out onto the garbage in the middle of the floor.

From a distance I could see what at first appeared to be a severed human finger, lying on the mantle over the fireplace but on second look, I say not only that but the urn in which Lickety-Schmirtlet kept the ashes of his many cremated cats.

The smell was getting to me now so I had to get outside as fast as I could so I walked through the hole in the storm door where the screen had once been affixed and stumbled out into the waist-high grass and weeds that was his front yard.

I would tell more of this story but the only thing left to tell is that I finally found Lickety-Schmirtlet swinging wildly, madly and gleefully from a rope swing located about 50 feet in the air in an old apple tree next to his back yard fence.

I warned him to be careful because he was swinging so high and wide.

He answered, “I’ll be alright because if I fall, the apples in the tree will stop my fall and I will bounce safely off the high tension wires next to the house.

Lickety didn’t seem to me to be all that smart but he was a good friend. His nose was awfully big, and one leg was shorter than the other, but he was a good friend.

He finally moved to California and now lives somewhere in Los Angeles where he runs a shelter for homeless squirrels and runs a charity to purchase eye glasses for near-sighted woodpeckers.

He recently amassed a fortune by selling smoke from the wildfires all nicely encased in some fancy, hand-blown crystal bottles.

The Pepperedine went out one evening with a beautiful starlet from Studio 101, but he never returned and was never seen again. Neither was she.

Studio 101 forever closed their doors just after that.

No one ever found out who closed the studio either because nobody ever knew who owned it in the first place.  It was one of those enduring Hollywood mysteries.

Three simple rules for Successful Life

This is definitely worth the reading —

Ideal Inspiration Blog

Life is the name of difficulties and struggles. It requires a lot of efforts and strength to live it happily. We require a lot of motivation and inspiration to live it happily and fruitfully. Inspirations play a vital part in the success of our lives. Many a time we exhausts and loose our motto but at that time Inspiration brings all the energy back and we start our journey once again with a new power and new hope.

If you follow the three rules, you will be able to get more and more success in your life. These are the three Secrets of Success in life.

Rules for Successful Life

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