The radical democrats may soil their diapers over the way President Trump reacts to things and the way he handles things —- they can accuse him of abusing his power all the day long if they choose to do so ….. and I have noticed that they choose to do so ….. but the thing is, folks, that the president usually wins and the vast majority of Americans who the Libtards like to call “His Base” approve of him and what he does because that is the reason they sent him to the Washington Swamp in the first place.

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  1. Chuq has his own interesting perspectives on things and I am sure there are many who agree with most of what he says …I am somewhat more impetuous and independent and possibly even too opinionated for my own good sometimes … but I am also eccentric and old and wise and experienced in the ways of the world, so I think I have something to contribute as well …

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