First Class Elitist Socialism And The Rich Wishing To Represent The Rest Of Us

I have a problem with very rich people running for President of The United States on campaigns claiming to represent the interests of those who are not so fortunate…. but here is Sanders, worth a couple of million dollars according to reports and Warren, worth more according to other reports, using first class fares on airlines and private jets when the rest of us probably have to settle for Red Eye flights or coach at best.


Was Bernie Fighting Income Equality by Flying First Class? A Viral Photo Says Yes, and His Expression is Priceless

Somehow it just doesn’t feel right because I feel like there is an air of deception about the obvious separation between the haves and the have nots …. it is just a little discomforting to me to hear these people talking about how they will represent the interests of every class of American Citizen ….. I sincerely doubt that a lot of these people have the slightest clue as to how the average non-wealthy American lives their day to day lives ….. much less any idea of what the average Citizen hopes for, dreams of, longs for.

Yet, in order to be completely fair, I must also say that I am not in favor of having some dumb klutz who has never made anything of his or her life and who hasn’t got the proverbial pot to pee in representing us either.

So, I sense a kind of Catch 22 in the political situation here in America.

10 thoughts on “First Class Elitist Socialism And The Rich Wishing To Represent The Rest Of Us

  1. Very soon now neither Warren nor Sanders will be any more than someone who ran for president once a while back and lost their rear ends in the process. So how they fly is of no concern to me and I am glad Trump has had the get up and go to get to the place where he can afford a private plane. Been there, done that.


  2. If I had the classiness to make a billion dollars I would probably own a private jet myself. Besides which, America is so filled with opportunities that there really is no excuse for anybody who is not insane to be able to life themselves by their bootstraps into a position of wealth. Maybe we would be better off if we went and got one of those coal miners and stuck them into the White House. Let’s pass a new law …. Nobody with a net worth of more than $40,000 can ever run for president.

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  3. I guess it would be better if we had some uneducated hick from the streets who has never made anything of his or her life as our president, right? Just go pick some poor schmuck out of the ghetto … perhaps a chronic welfare dependent … and put him or her into the Office of The President … would that be better for you?

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