Handcuffing The President

So there is now a “Bipartisan” resolution to handcuff the president in taking any actions to counter military attacks by the enemies of The United States.

Don’t these fools understand that this kind of resolution will embolden our enemies and to make them think there will be little likelihood of response if they decide to attack our Military again?

Don’t the drafters of this kind of resolution understand that such resolutions are actually open invitations for our enemies to attack us …. to thumb their noses at us …. to dare us to strike back against attacks?

The resolution might be technically “Bipartisan” because of a few cross over votes, but never believe for a moment that it wasn’t originated by the Trump haters and that it will definitely make American appear weaker in the eyes of those who hate us and who would love to see us destroyed.

Who, in their right mind, would believe that if America’s Military is attacked by a foreign power with military strikes that the Democrats would ever agree to give the president the power to launch a counter strike?

I think this kind of action against the president is reckless and irresponsible and I believe it places our Military in immediate and significant danger and I think if it passes it should be rescinded immediately before some crazy in some foreign land decides to test America’s resolve by doing something stupid, destructive and lethal.

Thanks, Nancy!

12 thoughts on “Handcuffing The President

  1. Hmm. How many times has the 25th Amendment been brought up? And I’m not just talking about the killing of Soleimani. I’m talking about his actions and words and lying on a daily basis. I know you’re going to vigorously disagree, but there is something seriously wrong with him.

    BTW, President Obama didn’t run all over the world making apologies. He knew we needed our allies. I didn’t always agree with him, but I’m tired of this ubiquitous accusation from Trump supporters.

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  2. I, for one, am glad he took out that terrorist general idiot. At least he is not running all over the world making apologies for America like the previous squatter did. Trump is decisive, he is strong, our enemies know this … it is a good thing. If he is so “Unstable” as you say, why hasn’t Puzzlozi and henchpersons brought up and investigation about that …. wouldn’t being unstable be an ideal impeachable offense?

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  3. Can you imagine the chaos that will now ensue because of this restrictive measure if we are attacked? I can see months of Liberals saying “No” to a counterstrike while the enemy pummels us and more Americans lose their lives … just because the Libs hate the president so much …. They will hem and haw and delay and argue and investigate until the battle is lost and there is little or no chance to defend further against it …That’s what these idiots have done …. and now, our enemies will be so much more emboldened because they already know what I have just said …

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  4. The House knows such a ridiculous measure would never pass snuff in the Senate. Pelosi is just being her good ole nasty self. The idea is to paint President Trump as reckless and unpredictable in the event of foreign aggression. It won’t work. Trump has shown restraint when it was wise for him to do so, and has also shown the world that he is not afraid of taking action when deemed important to our national defense. He doesn’t draw pink lines in quicksand like Obama always did.


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