Winter Brings On The Extra Pounds

I am not a health expert of any kind so don’t read this article and think that I am diagnosing anything or prescribing anything because I am not.  Only a doctor or other certified, properly licensed health care professional can do those kinds of things …. so take what I am writing here as personal opinion (My personal opinion) and make of it what you will.

I always gain weight during the winter months.  Right now I am 11 pounds heavier than I was during the last month of summer.  I have been thinking about this problem and I have come up with some imagination stuff that I think requires further contemplation and study on my part.

Somewhere along the line, I discovered a claim that cats (for example) get fatter during the winter months because they become hungrier than normal.

It seems to me that I get hungrier than normal when the weather turns cold too.

Then there is the added curse of not going to the gym and using the cold weather as an excuse not to get off my lazy rear end and go.  It is so easy to become a couch potato when the weather is cold, damp, dreary, snowy and blowy.

I would like to imagine that there is something built into us by Nature Herself that causes us to become lazier (a more hibernative state) and hungrier (Just like fat little bears) when winter comes.  I like to imagine that it is natural for us to just slow down and to stuff ourselves during the dark, cold winter months.  I am probably wrong about all this and the scientists (experts) are probably the ones with the truth about it all (I hate experts) —– I am talking tongue in cheek here right now because over the years, I have seen well-respected “Egg-Spurts” in many fields get themselves proven wrong about their pet theories ….. I don’t trust experts anymore.

Here is an article I found on the Internet (I call the Internet, “Doctor Internet” sometimes and this causes my health care professional (A sweet young lady) to roll on the floor in uproarious laughter ( well not on the floor, perhaps).

Here is the link to the article I am talking about —- ( BLINK, BLINK, HERE’S THE LINK)

Scientists say (There’s those “Experts” again) that animals eat more in the winter because they have a fear ( a sense) that food will be in shorter supply during the winter months.  I think this is something that goes way back in time to the days when everything that lives was a hunter/gatherer and, perhaps, the food supply was shorter in those days than it is now. I think that maybe this fear of food shortages has somehow gotten imprinted onto our own dna and that is another reason that we eat too much during the cold weather days. (We have a subconscious fear of starving during cold weather.)

Like I said before, I am not health care person and I have no medical credentials at all, but I do have sneaking suspicions sometimes and the things that I am saying on here are some of those sneaking suspicions.

Is winter weight gain always our individual fault?

I am not sure that the American tendency to pack on the pounds is actually the fault of any of the victims of obesity. I think that because there are so many weight gain hormones and other chemicals baked into our food supply that it is a miracle that all of us aren’t tipping the bathroom scales at the “Ton” mark instead of the “Pound” mark.

And then … maybe …. just maybe … each one of us individuals have our weight potential built into our chemistry and there isn’t a damn thing that any of us can actually do to change what Nature has done to us.

You might already have correctly concluded that I am way over my head when I am talking about this kind of stuff …. but I feel I have to reach out and see that other people think about these things.

It is a little better for me, at 4:48 in the morning to write something like this than to write some political drivel …. which is what I usually do …. I write about political drivel even though I know there isn’t a damn thing I can do individually to change anything in the political spectrum except maybe to cast that “Vote” that you hear so much about at election time ….. the vote that really doesn’t count for anything because the elections have already been predetermined and all the campaigning and all the arguing and all the debatings is simply cover to make the citizens feel better about the process and about how their taskmasters manipulate them …. but that is me …. and I really want to wait until after 8 O’clock to start jamming about the political crap.

4 thoughts on “Winter Brings On The Extra Pounds

  1. Of course you are right about putting on weight for winter; for how many thousands of years would it have been vital to keep warm and have reserves of energy for winter. Long ago the variety of food must have been pretty dire – what did my British ancestors eat before the potato arrived from the Americas for example. Alas, we have no excuse for piling on pounds when we have shops full of food!

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  2. John I use to have a similar problem…but I knew it was my fault….too much carbs with every meal… I walk the dog and use a small floor bike plus I try to eat less and better….so far so good…weight came off and I am keeping off…..good luck with your attempts….chuq


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