Random Thoughts: Feb 20, 2020

I never thought I would live to see the year 2020, but here we are and here we stay until 2021 unless some earth shaking event occurs — an event on the scale of dying and leaving this earth or something else beyond our abilities to control. La La la!

I have to tell you, folks, that parboiled collard greens is delicious with smoked sausage.  A cup and a half of the greens with 4 ounces of the sausage is still only about 350 calories. Lots of fiber, Vitamin A and all kinds of good stuff.

I go to my eye doctor tomorrow to see if the eye drops are controlling my glaucoma pressure. I am still fighting the need to have a cataract operation because, so far, none of the symptoms of either of these plagues has interfered with my daily routines. By the Grace of God, I doubt they ever will cause me a lot of grief because Jesus sees to it that I live in Divine Health … and that is a gift from God.

My weight is still fluctuating and I know that when I go back to my doctor, she is going to chastise me sorely but I have been fighting this weight thing for more than 50 years now. The good news is that my blood pressure is good at 120/80 (sometimes lower than that), my heart rate is normal and my last blood tests were spot on normal. This has to be some kind of intervention from on High ….. I am 81 years old now and going on 82 and I can still get out and power walk, do calisthenics at home, workout at the gym — no shortness of breath …. no respiratory symptoms even though I smoked unfiltered cigarettes (2 packs a day) for more than 50 years before quitting 11 years ago….. Divine Intervention, I am telling you … God is Mercy and Grace!

Dinner today is going to be chicken legs (drumsticks) cooked to perfection in my new air fryer machine. No added grease …. the machine cooks them to crispy perfection in 15 minutes ….

cooked leg chicken with green vegetable leaf
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I will have generous portions of raw vegetables and a couple of slices of artisan bread with my chicken legs …. yum.

In about a few days from now, I am going to do a meatloaf in the air fryer … I have a great recipe …. it only cooks for 40 minutes …. tender ….moist …. perfection …yum again!

Sounds to me like Mr. Bloomberg kicked some butt on the debate stage last night. That is fine with me.  I am a Trump fan for the time being …. I wish Mr. Bloomberg all the luck in the world … I wish for God to bless him mightily with all the good things of life …. but I do not believe for a moment that he is going to beat Trump. Who gets the office of the president is in the hands of God.

I want to get outside sometime this week and see if I can find a fat dog to pet. I want a dog so bad but I cannot have one where I live so I have to go out and pet other people’s dogs. I hope I can find one that isn’t set on biting me. In the absence of the dog, a cat would do …. in the absence of a cat, a squirrel would be fine  … or a possum …. or a coyote!


5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: Feb 20, 2020

  1. thank you … it works just as well with mustard greens and turnip greens as well. Bacon is an alternative choice of meat to accompany the greens. I like my bacon crisp for this purpose.

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