Is Sanders Socialist Or Not?

I have all kinds of people telling me that Candidate Sanders is not exactly what he claims himself to be … a “Socialist” of any flavor, stripe, nuance, etc.

So, if the candidate Sanders is not a “Socialist,” how come he has decided to use that word to brand his politics?

And if Socialist has nothing to do with his political views, why does he use it in describing himself when he must know that most Americans do not identify with Socialism and that most do not approve of socialism in any manifestation?  It would seem to me to be adverse to his desire to win a Presidential election and continue to brand himself with a phrase that includes the word, “Socialist” in it.

Here is what Politifact has to say about it:

Now here is my opinion:

If the candidate says that he is as socialist and if he is not a socialist then, in my personal opinion he must be seriously  mistaken.

And if he is seriously mistaken about his political identity then it follows that he is not going to get my vote under any circumstances.

Can Socialism be changed by adding prefixes to it?

Is there such things as:

Christian Socialists

Republican Socialists

Centrist Socialists

Constitutional Socialists

I think we all need a clearer understanding of exactly what a Democratic Socialist is and I have another question: “Is this candidate the only member of The United States government who claims this title?  Are there more Democratic Socialists other than Candidate Sanders?  Is it an actual political movement in the United States? Where does this term derive from?


6 thoughts on “Is Sanders Socialist Or Not?

  1. Here is one Democratic Socialist idea to chew on —– “Fourth and most important, capital must be publicly owned because there is no real democracy with private ownership of capital. Democratic Socialists grant that the poor and working class can vote for progressive causes, but capitalists can counter this by using their wealth to bury progressive legislation. “As long as a handful of elite capitalists get to call the shots, the playing field will be tilted in their favor.” The Democratic Socialist solution: Transfer capital to worker or municipal ownership. Corporations must be owned and controlled by workers or directed by state planners or regulators. Finance should be nationalized so that major investment decisions are made by public authorities. How Democratic Socialists will go about transferring private capital to “true democratic control” is unclear, because the “people have to decide.”

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  2. This is a definition of Socialism.
    ‘Socialism is a political, social and economic philosophy encompassing a range of economic and social systems characterised by social ownership of the means of production and workers’ self-management of enterprise, including the political theories and movements associated with such systems.’
    So, public ownership of all industry, transport, and utilities.
    As you can see, none of this applies to Sanders, or to anyone else running in the 2020 election.
    Adding a prefix doesn’t make them Socialists, by any stretch of the imagination.
    Hope that clears it up, John. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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