The Drain Plug Is Gone

I dreamed that there was a small child crying because a favorite toy was being sucked down a bath tub drain. The emotion being shown by the child was overpowering ….. intense ….. heart-wrenching!  But there was nothing the child could do to save the toy and the toy soon disappeared completely down the drain and was seen no more.

This made me think of how quickly our very lives are being sucked down the drain of eternity and how powerless we are to keep everything that we ever knew or loved from eventually swirling down that hole of existence and it brings to mind the question, “We all know this eventuality to be a certainty, so why do we wrestle with it so strongly?”

I can understand more completely now why people want to believe there is something on the other side of that drain hole ….. something better than what is here on this side …..surely the Life that we know has to go somewhere ….

As human beings, we like to say that our lives are “Moving Forward.” But if they are moving forward, then where are they moving to? Our instincts reveal the truth. There is something in our dna that tells us that what we are seeing now is not all that there is. If our dna is part and parcel of all that we have ever been and ever known, then I believe we can trust it to indicate to us the things that we shall experience  someday …. things that we have never, as yet, known.

What is it within us that causes us all to search for something beyond ourselves? There is something that is common to all Mankind that causes human beings to reach out toward eternity in search of the Eternal Being …. and if that drive is common to all Mankind, then there must be something solid in the argument for the Divine Being.

The best argument for the truth and the existence of God, therefore, must surely be Mankind’s never-ending search for Him. There are too many people searching for it not to be true.

2 thoughts on “The Drain Plug Is Gone

  1. I don’t know, Pete … I believe the majority of people give this idea a lot of thought. I don’t know about your DNA … but I am sure the idea is imprinted somewhere within …

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  2. I must have different DNA, because I have never once thought there was anything else other than this life, and nothing beyond it. But I am happy for those that get comfort from believing that there might be. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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