Sex Can Open The Gates Of Hell

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By John

I am astounded by the situation that Movie Mogul, Harvey Weinstein finds himself in right now …. positively astounded!

The way I understand it is that there are some women making allegations about inappropriate things that they say that Mr. Weinstein did or said in their presence.

I have read some of these allegations in press releases and in my opinion some of it seems to me to have been lurid at best.

What bothers me about all this is that I have also read reports saying that some of the women involved in the Weinstein story experienced some of the things they are said to be charging him with and then went on ahead and had “Continuing” relationships with him.

My personal sense is that if someone experiences something unpleasant from the words or actions (or both) of another person, and then that “someone” goes ahead and continues having relationships with the person they considered to be offensive, then they are “Asking” for whatever happens afterward.

My thought is  (My opinion is) that somebody sees the possibility of cashing in big time on their life experiences … and to my way of thinking, that “Bottom Line” potential sums up the entire reality of the matter.

4 thoughts on “Sex Can Open The Gates Of Hell

  1. women who were, at one time, more than willing — some of which even had continuing relations with him wilfully — and all of whom now see an opportunity to turn whoredom to profit.

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  2. He undoubtedly followed a long tradition of abusing his position to take advantage of women hoping he would launch them into a lucrative film career.He wasn’t the first, and he certainly won’t be the last.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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