Stocks Plunge Because Of Coronovirus Scare
Most hospitals make mistakes that kill about 100,000 patients in The World every day and yet here is a simple flu-like bug that is scaring the literal shit out of people all over the world — a bug that doesn’t even come close to killing as many people as the common flu does.

Just keep on surfing the Internet and listening to the media and together, they will create a mass-panic situation for you because …. it sells papers, idiots!  It’s all about the bottom line, stupid!

I have heard lot of stats about how many people are dying from coronovirus …. mostly in other countries around the world …. but I have yet to hear a single media outlet interviewing somebody who has had this disease and who has gotten over it.  It is killing everybody that gets it …. why are we not hearing from people who have had it and who got well again?  What are they not telling us?

Here is something to think about as the elections approach ….. If Libs get enough power over our government, their political policies will be the very ones that will allow our country to be completely over-run by pestilences like the coronovirus. (Especially their open borders kind of policies.).


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  1. I am not saying they do not love their country … I am saying their policies are so illegal-immigrant-friendly that their loose immigration policies will flood the country with all kinds of diseases.

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