There Is No Follow Button On This Blog
There is no “Follow This Blog” button on this blog because this is not the kind of blog that people tend to follow unless they really give a shit about their country and their future and the future of their children and their children after them.

Those kind of people who really care about what happens to them and their loved ones will be the ones who “Save” the url of this blog somewhere on their computer.  It is a process called “Book Marking.”  Every living human being with a computer who can find their ass in a mirror will know how to bookmark things that are important to them.

So, to hell with “Stats” and “Follower Numbers” and “Number of Visits” and all that other “Ego” stuff. I am not in the vanity business.  I am in the business of attempting to warn Americans about things that might have negative consequences for them and in the business of promoting things that I think are good for them.

People who come here to learn, to hear, to think for themselves, to ponder and to understand are welcome … always welcome.  The other kind, the know-it-alls who live their lives on auto-pilot with little real world knowledge and who wish to be a pain in my ass are welcome too … because I do not discriminate …. I serve the knowers and the do-ers as well as the ignorant and the slothful.

So, folks. here is a blog that will pull no punches, a blog that will tell it like it is — and if that is your thing, then enjoy!

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