Random Monday Rant

I had to purchase a new potato chip spinner today. Ugh! I hate spending money on some things. I can’t wait for the chipper to go down!

Well, since I can’t have a real snake for a pet, I went out and bought myself a rubber one. I hope all my serpent hating friends and relatives are happy now.

Have you ever wondered where the stuff you buy at the grocery store comes from when there in no more information on the package than “Distributed By?”

I discovered that I have a “Thing” for Werthers’ Original candy. Cream and caramel hard candies.

If you have a blog, you should probably refrain from blogging more than 20 times in a day and you should definitely include enough words in your blog posts to keep Google from thinking they are spam and blocking them from their index so that nobody can ever see them.Ā  I hate censorship by anybody for any reason.

I am waiting for delivery of my Three bars of Grandpa’s Pine tar Soap which e-bay tells me is scheduled for arrival today.Ā  I love old-fashioned exotic soaps.

Breakfast today was collard greens and smoked sausages again. I am hooked!

I wonder whatever happened to that outfit that used to syndicate my blog? They seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth.

I am trying to be very careful about buying anything that is edible from Asian Markets right now because I know there are not enough food inspectors to keep me safe … so I am looking at labels very closely now and if I cannot determine a country of origin on something, I am sending it to the garbage bin unopened. I don’t know if coronovirus can travel in or on food packaging but I’m not taking any chances.


3 thoughts on “Random Monday Rant

  1. A potato chip spinner is a device with a large ceramic drum, capable of holding up to a hundred pounds or more of chips that have left the frying process … and the drum spins and uses centrifugal force to throw the excess cooking oil off the finished chips before they go down the conveyor , past the inspectors to the bagging station.

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