True Colors Begin To Emerge In Candidate’s Praise Of Socialist Dictator!

Sooner or later all those idiots who have been denying socialism in our system will wake up and smell the roses.  It seems that some statements one of our candidates for president has reportedly made recently has sent shock waves of realization through the dilatory day dreamers in American Politics. —– READ IT HERE

What others are saying:

“Sanders supported Fidel Castro, the man who murdered 35,000 of his own people!”

“The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money” -Alexis De Tocqueville. Bernie is promising free everything. Hugo Chavez did the same.”

“The Bernie Sanders campaign for President of the United States viewed another way is simply a test to measure how effective the indoctrination of America’s youth by the liberal controlled education system has been thus far.”

I can’t wait for the enablers and the Radical Leftist sympathizers to come on here and tell me that “He didn’t say that!” — or “That’s Not What He Meant” — or “More Fear Mongering” — or “Rather than endure 4 more years of Trump, I will take my chances with this guy” — or something just as mindless and stupid as some of those kinds of statements by the moral slugs and political know nothings sitting comfortably at home in their comfortable little cocoons.

2 thoughts on “True Colors Begin To Emerge In Candidate’s Praise Of Socialist Dictator!

  1. I believe the affinity in today’s youth for socialism stems from America’s historic reputation as a growing welfare state where everyone is encouraged to feel entitled to receive whatever freebies the market will bear.

    I notice that Many Millennials are choosing to live with their parents for a far longer time than generations past …and that Milliennials do not like such things as mortages …. I think they have been brainwashed to believe that is entirely alright for them to expect somebody to take care of them from the cradle to the grave … and it is this kind of mindset that will enthusiastically devour such promises as Sanders has been making. Remember that Hugo Chavez made similar promises to his people. See where that go them!

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  2. Indoctrination aside, what do you believe is behind the affinity for socialism in today’s youth? Do you think they feel immediately entitled to what previous generations spent decades working hard to acquire? Do you think it has to do with the growing rate of income disparity (i.e., the wealth of the top 10% vs. the nickels and dimes earned by the rest of us)? Do you think it’s an indication of ignorance vis-à-vis the dangers of socialism?

    Bernie offers instant financial gratification at taxpayer expense. His hypocritical attacks on the wealthy somehow strikes a chord in the heart of many. And his praise of other socialist countries is not scrutinized by those who are oblivious to what life in those countries is actually like.

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