Alien Virus Lands And Begins To Devour Earth’s Population — And Other Things!

No. 1 —— The American Money Markets are in a slide because of fears concerning the coronovirus.  This economic downturn for that stated reason is total bullshit and investors could get their heads together and turn it around if they wanted to because we have had global virus catastrophes before (Bird Flu, Swine Flu) and the money markets survived those …. and if investors could get their shit together, they would understand that coronovirus is survivable too!

No. 2 —— The Democrat debate of last evening ended with no winners but a few “Survivors” according to some “Experts” (Admittedly self-proclaimed) that I read a lot of the times …… but my thought about that is, “Who cares how many survivors there were after these clown shows they have called “Debates” because in every one of those “Debates” all they have done is try to put the screws to each other —- and if one of them were to get elected and become President, all they would do then is forget about putting the screws to each other and would focus their efforts on putting the screws to you and to me. America is not ready yet to a further slide to the left …. We are not ready for the likes of Sanders, and AOC and Omar! The 2020 balloting will prove that out. Mark my words!

No. 3 —— I am still waiting to hear the words of someone who has gotten coronovirus and who has survived it.  I am waiting for some Lame Stream Media genius to interview a surviving victim of this plague so that I can know how they felt, what their symptoms were, what their treatments were, what their concerns, fears, apprehensions, and realizations were, how they coped with it, and all the rest of the questions that people who are becoming victims of the propaganda about it must surely have on their minds.

No. 4 —— I went online to search for protective face masks to be used in the event of a pandemic of coronovirus and here is what I discovered:  A box of 50 surgical masks that once cost a mere $31.00 was selling online for $150.00.  It didn’t take long for assholes to start gouging the prices on that item, now did it?  I think it is time for the government to step in and start penalizing those who would gouge prices on needed medical supplies in the face of a potential health crisis like this one that is being hawked to us in ever increasingly large doses as the days go by.

No. 5 —— I am waiting to see when Pelosi and crew are going to create a special investigative panel to investigate whether or not the coronovirus is something that Trump has colluded with China on in an effort to distract the American People so that his election would be more assured. All the rest of their “Investigations” into the President have fizzled out and have produced nothing useful for their useless agenda of domination and control … so let’s see if they will try to use the coronovirus as another weapon against Trump.


9 thoughts on “Alien Virus Lands And Begins To Devour Earth’s Population — And Other Things!

  1. Someone here survived the virus, one of the earliest to catch it. He was a UK businessman on a trip to China, and came home with it before the news broke He was interviewed on the BBC, looking fit and well. However, he was only in his 40s, and fit. He had no underlying medical conditions.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. It would be stupid to think that they will blame Trump…I mean they are not the GOP that keeps blaming Obama for everything that goes wrong….they should blame him if the response is anything but total. chuq

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  3. The people in the debate have not as yet discovered how they can blame Trump for the spread of the virus. If they ever do find a way, it will be front and center in all the debates from now on. I am surprised that Pusslozi hasn’t already convened a special investigative council or committee to see if there is an impeachable offense in Trump’s use of the virus to assure his reelection … or some other such Liberal offal.

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