President Trump Emerges As Winner Of The Democrat Debates! No Doubt About It!

As one observant writer noted, “There were no winners … only survivors” in the Democrat debates thus far. Two things become immediately obvious to anyone but those who have their heads stuck into the unchanging sands of their locked-in mindset:

(1)  The Democrat debates so far have done a really good job in bolstering the popularity and electability of President Trump in 2020.

(2)  The Democrat debates have resolved the question, once and for all time, “How ready is the disjointed, divided and dysfunctional Democrat Party to govern the United States of America in any substantive manner?”

I have come to the conclusion that the Democrat debates have already made sure that Bernie Sanders is not going to be the nominee of the Party — (Unless all the Democrats have lost their minds and are ready to support socialism in this country) and they have also made sure that Candidate Bloomberg is not going to spend his way into the Oval Office.

For those who wasted their time watching this circus it should be very clear that the failing campaign of the Warren Woman could, should and probably must position itself to the place where she might become Mr. Sanders’ pick for Vice President … something else that I do not think The American People are ready to accept. (I have thought that either he or Bloomberg might pick Hillary Clinton as their running mate, but all that is still up in the air at this point.

I do not believe that Mr. Sanders’ programs of “Big Government and High Taxes For All” is going to be a stove that cooks in many American Voters’ kitchens and it certainly as hell won’t be a hound that hunts in the South or the West.

I think it would bode well for the Sanders Campaign if anyone could dig up some evidence of any major accomplishment that has ever been recorded during the good Senator’s tenue in D.C. I hear a lot of promises of “Everything Free For Everybody” but I have yet to see anything that has ever been done before that even comes into line with such promises.

I am still trying to figure out whether this Senator is an “Independent,” or a “Democrat” or a “Democratic Socialist.” I know there must be nuances among the three choices I have just considered, but I am wondering if anybody out there actually knows what the subtleties of difference in those three titles might be and how they have been proven to be significant to Bernie Sanders.

Maybe, if Biden can “Take This Thing Back,” and surface as a strong contender again, the maybe,just maybe the viciousness and divisiveness of the party can take on new strength and create more chaos than it has up until now.  As a Republican, I can say that such a development would please me considerably.

Yes, I believe that the failed Democrat debates have set the stage for our President to continue his great record of achievements and policies that have so benefited the nation to date … and that we can rest confident that he will be empowered to create a better America for all of us in 2020 and beyond.

We do owe the Dysfunctional Dems a vote of thanks for that!

6 thoughts on “President Trump Emerges As Winner Of The Democrat Debates! No Doubt About It!

  1. In my humble opinion the two who did the best answering questions and conveying their positions without yelling were Buttigieg and Klobuchar. These early debates when you have multiple candidates vying for their limited time, it always gets nasty. I remember watching the Republican debates in 2016 and being absolutely appalled. Back then it was John Kasich who was the only adult in the room. I was really rooting for him.

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