There May Be More Important Things Than The Election In 2020

One thing that might become more important that who is elected as President in 2020 might actually become the very survival of our country!  The stock market is plunging over fears of the coronovirus and that could severely impact the daily routine of Life in America …. food shortages, medical supply shortages, availability of needed health care, the nightmare that will be faced by the uninsured …. Many many ramifications!

If one thing is certain, I am sure that it is this: “The United States has rarely ever been prepared for catastrophe of any kind and has always seemed to me to meet all its severe challenges after the fact …. raising the resources, the will of the people and the way to combat threats once the threat has struck ….. I do not think we are any more prepared now to meet the challenges of this potentially world-wide pandemic than we have been for any other thing that has ever risen against us.

But maybe some good will come of these present dangers that are facing us. Maybe we will forget some of our petty little concerns and actually start caring enough about our families and our neighbors to come together as a united People once again … much the same as we did in World War 2, much the same as we did after the treachery of Radical Islam killed 3,000 of our citizens on September 11, 2001.

It sometimes takes a tragedy to refocus people on what is really important and what is bullshit.  I have a sneaking feeling that we are about to learn some of this all over again.

8 thoughts on “There May Be More Important Things Than The Election In 2020

  1. It is times like this where it’s especially vital that we have a strong government filled with people who are more invested in protecting all its citizens and not with their own political fortunes. And yes I’m talking about both parties.

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