Appeals Court Frees Department Of Justice To Go After Sanctuary Cities!

by John

“It’s about damned time that somebody wised up about sanctuary cities” is all I have to say about it!

What is a sanctuary city?

In the United States, a “Sanctuary City” is described to me as a city where the city government has decided that it is not going to cooperate with the Federal Government in identifying or deporting people who have come here illegally from other countries (Undocumented Immigrants)(Undocumented Aliens)(Illegal Immigrants) — people who actually have no right to be here and who, under normal circumstances, have crossed our borders without any kind of permission from our government. (They broke our laws to get here.) Sanctuary cities are those that have chosen to protect people who have come here illegally from being sent back to where they came from.

Short answer: Sanctuary cities refuse to adhere to or obey federal immigration laws.

So what has happened that is so positive?

Last week (Or a few days ago, whichever you prefer,) an appeals court issued a ruling giving the Department of Justice the power to withhold federal grant monies from any and all communities who refuse to cooperate with the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency —– and I am personally sure, in my own opinion, this move of the aforementioned appeals court is causing most Left Wingers in America headaches, nightmares and hemorrhoids.

What effect will the appeals court ruling have?

It will have the effect of empowering the DOJ to keep back millions of dollars in funds to offending sanctuary cities … funds usually meant for Law Enforcement (according to my understanding.). Would the withholding of such funding from the sanctuary cities make them any less safe?  I believe it would even though I have to question how safe many of them already are with all those undocumenteds running around free as birds. I have read information that says sanctuary city policies of refusing to cooperate with immigration enforcers have resulted in cases where certain of these protected undocumenteds who have previously been convicted of crimes are allowed to roam the city streets and who have reportedly often committed further crimes.

My opinion is that President Trump, The Department of Justice, The Department of Homeland Security — and probably even more agencies than these …. and now, this courageous and patriotic appeals court have done an outstanding job in protecting the safety and well being of American Citizens with their immigration policies …. policies that are a pain in the butt only to the Liberal elements who support open borders.


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