Coronovirus Might Live On Hard Surfaces For As Many As 9 Days! Be Aware! Stay Safe!

Can the coronovirus survive jet airplane travel from overseas points of origin to The United States? Can the stuff we buy in stores arrive on our shores carrying the active virus? Can you be infected if you handle merchandise that other people with the virus have handled before you? These are what I believe to be compelling and important questions.

First of all, let me say that I have read claims that many of the strains of coronovirus can be effectively dealt with by the use of household disinfectants on commonly-contacted surfaces such as door knobs, toilet seats, flush handles, cabinet handles, faucet handles, shower fixtures — everything that we normally touch through a day. (Everything except the dog or ourselves, I would add.) So let’s not go out and disinfect our kids or our pets …. I believe that would be common sense ….

Some of the “Egg-Spurts” that I have been reading are saying that while nobody knows for sure, it is widely believed that coronovirus can remain alive and active and infectuous on hard surfaces for as many as Nine (9) days depending on the weather. It seems the plague survives colder weather better than it does warmer weather.

I am thinking that I also ought to wipe down any and all of the cans and packages of merchandise that I purchase at grocery stores before opening them because one never knows who or what has touched them before I got my hands on them. So I  am carrying a rag to the grocery and I will wipe down every can and package before I ever put it into my shopping cart.

Remember to wipe down the shopping cart handle as well.

This virus has also given me pause about the idea of eating food from open public food sources such as salad bars in restaurants or super markets.  I have seen some patrons of these kinds of places actually eating right out of the trays of food at salad bars and I have no way of knowing who has slobbered their virus onto the salad before I come along to take a portion of it.

And since food can now travel overseas at lightning speeds via modern jet travel (Something picked in Rampoora at 8:00 this morning can be in your local store by 8:00 tomorrow morning … well within the 9-day survival rate for virus …

So you had better believe that if I see something marked “Product of China,” I am either not going to purchase it or I am going to get out the old rag and give it a good rub down before I even touch it!

Can coronovirus travel in this manner?  I am certain that some of the idiots who think they know everything but who know little to nothing are going to say, “No way! That kind of talk is nothing but fear mongering.”

But as for me and my house, we are going to do the sensible thing and take every available precaution.

But even taking every available precaution might not be enough because there are other experts out there who are saying that they expect as many as 40 to 70-percent of all Americans to get one form or another of the coronovirus before it is all over and done with.

What will I do for myself in this crisis then?

I will wash hands thoroughly (up to the elbows and between the fingers) for as long as it takes me to sing the “Happy Birthday” song at least twice … I will wipe everything that I plan to touch …. I will run the other way if I see some fat idiot coughing and wheezing and sneezing (the same for brats) (Brats are notoriously careless spreaders of germs), I will not eat out of commonly-eaten food bins, I will wear a face mask when out in public even though I am told that those things are fairly ineffective in protecting me from the virus ….. and because people who sell them will soon be gouging the prices on them ….I already saw one place that is offering a box of 50 surgical masks for $150 and the same box of masks used to cost $31 at most before this virus crap was announced …. It is already beginning.


So — good luck ….. and, oh by the way, one other thing: I would suggest teaching your children what to do to protect themselves as well and I would be contacting my local school districts to see if they have plans to add “Protection From Coronovirus” information to their cirricula.

6 thoughts on “Coronovirus Might Live On Hard Surfaces For As Many As 9 Days! Be Aware! Stay Safe!

  1. Remember also that a person (Particularly in a closed environment such as a super market) who coughs or sneezes without covering it leaves what I call a “Cloud” of germs in vapor and this cloud can linger long enough for unsuspecting victims to walk through it and ingest some of its contents. Avoid other sick peoples’ “Clouds.”

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  2. Excellent post John! This is all good advice to follow, even during the “normal” flu season. I’m not going to bother with the masks, as they do indeed say they’re useless unless you’re already sick, but I’ll be following all your other suggestions as well as keeping at least 3 feet between me and another person who seems sick, and starting on stocking up on canned goods and other items so we don’t have to go out if this becomes widespread.

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