People Who Hate America Should Never Be Allowed To Sit In The Government

by John

Any person who regularly issues statements indicating their hatred of America, Americans or The American System of Government should never ever be allowed to become elected to sit in positions of authority in the American Government. That is my opinion.

The same goes for anyone who is known for issuing anti-semitic statements, anti-African American statements, anti-anybody statements.

It has not been too long since I heard some candidate for high government office telling some news reporter that they were not running for the office they were seeking because they wanted to serve the United States Government but that the person was running for office so that he or she could have an opportunity to tear down The United States Government.

That person should have never been allowed onto a ballot.

Lastly, I think that blatant and obvious “Anti-American” rhetoric should be considered as hate speech and that it should never be tolerated in Media or on the Internet.

Post Script:

I also think that anyone who publicly supports anti-Americanism and who publishes anti-American sentiments should be seen as treasonous.

I also think more emphasis should be given to loyalty oaths and that when questions about loyalty arise they should be investigated and pursued through the Justice System until all those who break their oath are brought to justice and expelled from the country without recourse. —-

I know none of what I am writing will sit well with many Left Wing anti-American activists but that is just too bad as far as I am concerned.

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Loyalty oaths also play an important part in the naturalization process. Persons born in the United States are citizens by birth, but resident aliens who wish to become citizens must first swear an oath of allegiance to the United States.

32 thoughts on “People Who Hate America Should Never Be Allowed To Sit In The Government

  1. Yes, different angles … a protester and a sympathizer.

    Traditional definition:
    the alteration of something from its original course, meaning, or state to a distortion or corruption of what was first intended.
    “a scandalous perversion of the law”

    The alteration of the traditionally accepted moral code to a distortion against what has historically been accepted in order to make the perversion seem to be part of a new normal. (i.e. Homosexuality was traditionally unacceptable in America and suddenly, because of some Liberals and some activists, it now is made to appear to be the new social moral norm.)


  2. Plenty of “Good” people will miss heaven. A personal experience with Jesus Christ through a determined conversion is absolutely prerequisite.


  3. This generation is perverse and permissive of perversion. How can one argue against it? The mindset is frozen with secularized locked in thinking and does not listen to reason nor does it adhere to traditional morality. If my relative was given to acts of immorality and was never repentant, then I would forgive but I would also applaud consequences. Thankfully I have no such relatives that I know of.

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  4. You had better believe in a God who punishes sin too .. Jesus is our Savior … We need a living relationship with Jesus Christ — Jesus Christ forgives sins but He does not condone it. He warns the sinners to stop sinning and He has plenty to say about Hellfire for those who miss the mark.


  5. By the way, it always takes two to tango. If every Hollywood Mogul who ever had a casting couch was prosecuted, the entire Hollywood establishment would have ceased to be ages ago and nobody would ever have a movie to watch. It was generally and widely known that such encounters were always part of the search for a career in the movies …it was known and widely accepted in the Entertainment Business …for decades ….The practice was and is illegal but somehow it managed to flourish for a long long time …. — I do not support the concept but I will say that it has always been part of the scene and it was a secret to no one. By the way, it was also totally avoidable too unless the acting job meant more than the consequences of seeking it. Do not come back at me and say that there were no choices to be made. People who did those things chose to do them.


  6. You are entitled to your beliefs. We all must make the decision as to whom we shall serve. As for me and my house, we shall serve The Lord. The Bible itself will tell you that “Private Interpretations” are not acceptable. I don’t think we should be judging people either … but I sure as heck believe we have an obligation to protect our fellow citizens and our children by calling out immorality and sin.


  7. Some of the complainers should have stopped the relationships if they found them disagreeable. I am sure that some did … but I am also sure that the lure of fame and money is bringing far more out of the woodwork than might otherwise be possible.

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  8. I consider misogynistic statements to be those that you listed, as well as ones joking about sexual assault, etc. ——- Well, let me add to this a little bit …. “Sexual Assault” comes into question with me when the purported victim goes ahead and continues to have long relationships with her accused perpetrator … up until it is time to collect high dollars for writing a book about the experiences or getting royalties from a motion picture about what happened. At that point, I think the idea of “Sexual Assault” becomes continued consent. But I am not a lawyer.


  9. I must not support Laura Loomer too much because I don’t remember seeing her associated with many of my posts .. I think that must have been a one-time observation — No, not all Muslims are evil and not all snakes bite! –I just don’t want to have to be the person who finds out which ones are which. — The ideology is rife with violence in the name of their diety —- The people are really nice people … but some of their ideology stinks ….. and as to “Sexuality,” let me repeat that Homosexuality is abomination to God … The Christian Bible specifically declares it ….and America already has enough problems with declining morality as it is … I do not have anything against people who identify as LGBT but I have much against the practice of their “Sexuality” as you put it. I don’t have anything against a man or a woman who goes to the trouble of trying to change their gender either … but it is the processes they must go through to follow their fantasy because a woman who gets the operation to become a man and the man who gets the operation to become a woman are both nothing more or less than surgically disfigured examples of their original natural gender. —- People are, of course, free to choose to live lives of sin against God … or not …so that is none of my business ….but I will warn against such things because I have a spiritual obligation to my fellow human beings to do so ….


  10. Your welcome John a good man and friend called Brittius and a straight talking blogger always said ‘ shoot straight from the hip ‘ and as an NYPD Cop you wrote and shared a lot of blogs including mine ….he lost his blog for speaking the truth about certain people and l gave him access to one of mine but his favourite words were if you don’t like what l write don’t read or follow me …Ian

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  11. Anti-gay speech is hate speech John because you’re denigrating people only instead of going after the color of their skin or their religion, you’re attacking them for their sexuality. Most people who are racist or anti Semitic think their views are based in morality as well.

    I’m glad to hear you see a difference in Muslim Americans and radical Islamists, because the vast majority who go on the attack don’t. This includes Laura Loomer who you support. She’s stated many times her belief that ALL Muslims are evil.

    I consider misogynistic statements to be those that you listed, as well as ones joking about sexual assault, etc.

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  12. anti-gay statements are not hate speech, they are statements in defense of moral values — anti-Muslim American statements would definitely be hate speech but anti Radical Islamic statements would be patriotic statements — (There is a difference between Muslim Americans and Radical Islamists) — and I have yet to hear any really “Anti-Woman” statements (Do not get those confused with ‘Woman’s Rights because I consider all abortions to be inexcusable except in cases of rape or when the life of the Mother is in danger) –so those are my viewpoints ..with which people are welcome to agree or to disagree. (What would YOU consider to be an “Anti-Woman” statement? My idea of an anti-Woman statement would be something like this: “Women should stay out of politics and business and should stay at home cooking,house cleaning and taking care of the kid.” I would consider that to be an anti-Woman statement but I am not hearing too much of that, are you?

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  13. No, it does not include the President of The United States. It includes radical Leftists who have infiltrated the government and who are known for their “Hate America” and “Anti-Semitic” proclamations.

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  14. You write from your ❤️ as all good opinion makers and wrodsmiths write and people who cannot understand …..or agree or do not agree with your opinion always use ..swear words or threaten. For me its not wether l always agree but wether that person …tells people what they truly believe ….its up to God to Judge US not other people ….

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  15. So true John if you hate the nation or country you serve you are there for a number of reasons: 1. To bring down the present government by creating chaos 2. To enable gain for oneself and anyone who has a price 3. To bring in policies that will destroy the infrastructure of a nation by derision and hate ….I could go on but will conclude as a Englishman …God Bless America …🇺🇸

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