AP Catches Democrats In Little White Lie About Trump Defunding Health Agencies!

I guess a couple of our Democrat candied-dates for the President have got themselves caught in a little “Inaccurate” information they allegedly peddled saying that President Trump cut funding to the CDC and the National Institute For Health (NIH) —- and I believe the implication of those “Inaccuracies” (Little White Lies?) was that Trump took some kind of action to undercut the health agencies so that they would be less able to deal with such crises as the coronavirus.

Pure weaponization of the coronavirus crisis for their own political gain if you want my opinion about it.

Who blew the whistle on these candied-dates little scam?

No less than the Associated Press is what I heard!

You can check it out if you will simply Google, ” AP Fact Check: Democrats Distort coronavirus readiness.”

I can’t link to the AP because I do not understand their copyright limitations, but you can sure look it up if you want to.

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