Random Friday

There is no doubt in any sane mind that the combination of the coronavirus and the threat of a possible Sanders presidency are working to undermine the stock markets and to set the stage for panic in America.

On the same note, it is apparent to anybody who has the ability to find their rear ends in a mirror that the shameless Radical Democrats are looking for any way possible to weaponize the coronavirus scare in their continued desperate efforts to undermine the Trump Administration and to gain political advantage.

If all the sane people in The United States have not now concluded that it is the Trump Hating Democrats who have always placed the safety of our country and our economy at the very bottom of their list of priorities, then somebody is in for a great and rude awakening.


5 thoughts on “Random Friday

  1. I spent most of life in finance and learned how to build contracts and how to take them apart but l met very few honest men or women who did not have a price: I asked 10 people if you you were offered a contract worth £10,000 and its was not honest or if you were offered a contract worth £1,000 with a chance of more in the future ..which would you choose 9 out of 10 said the £10,000 ….kinda of proves a point …


  2. I think that is wishful thinking…they are no different from the GOP….both are owned by corporations and they control the narrative…so to think any different is just deluding oneself. chuq

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