I am not anxious to be the one to say “I told you so,” but I am anxiously awaiting to watch all the political back and forth take second place to everything else once the coronavirus calls the very existence of Mankind into question.

It will be at that time that the dumb sons of bitches who have nothing better to do than to argue about their petty little politics will have a light bulb go off in their vacuous head cavities and they will scramble like rats struggling to escape a sinking ship and nothing else will matter to them but saving their own worthless asses.

Of course, it may never come to that.  Like my friend has suspected, the whole damned coronavirus thing might be nothing more than the press hyping hysteria and panic because it sell newspapers …. or it might be some secret conspiracy-theory-come-to-life thing …. something like a population control experiment gone wrong …. maybe it is some bio weapon gone awry after all …. or maybe the bioweapon was a self-sacrificing attempt to thin the world’s population for economic reasons …. you can find your own pet theory to entertain …. I am sure there are theories enough to go around.

I do not believe it is yet time for us to start getting visions in our heads of piles of bodies being burned at every street corner …. I am pretty certain it is not yet time to worry about a program of “Selection” to weed out who is worthy to live and who is not …. but it might be time to worry about whether the hospitals have the facilities or the know=how to help the helpless if the worst case scenario should develop …. and I am pretty certain in my own heart that the private medical industry has never come close to being ready to handle a massive threat like this one.

This, like everything else, is one of those times when everybody has to do the best they can and move on as far as they can get …. to suck it up and try to live with it …. I think if things get a lot worse we will be seeing a lot of people forgetting all about helping their neighbors because they will be so strongly focused on their own survival …. this has the makings of a first rate horror film if you ask me.

So I hear the President fired his Pandemic team a couple of years ago. I do not believe that was a great idea ….

One thing I am fairly convinced about is that as this thing moves forward, we are going to be hearing less and less of the truth about what is really happening from the Liberal  controlled and owned Media …. I believe we will keep on getting these rosy little encouragements about how things aren’t really bad as yet and about how the situation is under control …. and all the rest of it …. I believe the time will come when we will even be unable to hear the casualty reports on this plague …. Nobody wants to be responsible for inciting a panic do they?

Somebody please tell me, “How can a government as broken and divided as ours ever handle a mass crisis situation other than to lie about how things are?”  I would like to hear answers to that one!

Right now I feel like a cockroach in a glass jar with some evil asshole standing outside with a can of lighter fluid and a match ready to ignite the very air I breathe. But maybe I am over reacting. LOL

2 thoughts on “Rendition

  1. You can do anything and achieve anything by weaponising these types of events ….People will pay more for goods and services (Greed Rules) and laws can be changed and enacted to control the masses ..just in case ..always favourite word of politicians climbing on the inevitable bandwagon.

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