What I Would Like To Hear The Candidates Talking About!

Enough with the Democrat candidates using all their campaign air time to bash their fellow candidates. That isn’t doing a damned thing to help the country!

I want to hear one of them talk about his or her plans to deal with the coronavirus crisis. I do not want to hear them complaining about what Donald Trump has not done or is not doing or will do …. I want to hear the candidates tell me what they intend to do about it.

Furthermore, since most of the candidates are Democrats, I would like to hear “Real” plans about how they intend to finance the trillions of dollars they plan to give away through their various “Free Everything For Everybody” schemes.

And don’t even suggest to me that they are going to over-tax billionaires because billionaires own the means of production and banking in this country and there is no way that a little wishful rhetoric out of some candidate is going to change a damned thing if the moneyed elite do not wish for it to be so!

I have an idea the Democrats could use when they are asked how they are going to pay for their ridiculously expensive schemes ….. just tell them, “Mexico will pay for it all.”

Another thing the Dim-Dems can do, if they ever find the collective brainpower, is to form coalitions instead of talking from the center of their individual selves ….they need to stop the bickering, the infighting and the name calling …. they need to focus on issues that interest Americans rather than trying to justify to the outside world the reasons they think they are superior to all their colleagues.

We know that American Political parties are no longer in the business of representing the will of the American People so much as they are in business for no other reason that to get their own elitists elected and then to do whatever is necessary to keep them elected.

I really think America needs a major do-over politically …. disassemble both parties and start each of them over from the ground up — that is my opinion …. but, of course, I am not a fool and I know that nothing like that will ever happen! (What do YOU think?).

One anonymous person put it rather well in my humble opinion when he or she (whichever the case was) said the following:

“Other than their shady attempt at hurting Trump, it’s a huge turn off for the voters who I sense will cream the dems in next elections! Also, the deception and collusion w/The MSM who are complicit with saving the swamp dwellers! When Trump is getting more and more of them Locked up across the country! And they have absolutely nobody that has common sense or an ounce of credibility! A bunch of wanna be’s that will say anything to get a vote! Lie, deceive, play the politicking game that the dems are good at.

I can’t wait for the activists to appear and say some nonsense such as, “If the shoe were on the other foot it would be the same.” (If that is what you are planning to use as your response, forget it. I already read your mindlessness.)

7 thoughts on “What I Would Like To Hear The Candidates Talking About!

  1. I don’t know which freedoms would be lost but where there is Big, all-encompassing government, some liberties are always on the table for modification or removal (for the common good). Maybe we would lose the right to own single family homes and the government would assign people to move in with us … and would dictate the number of residents that must be in every living space … stuff like that …..Maybe people would be “Assigned” jobs by the government and those would be their jobs for life ….

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  2. I liked Roosevelt’s socialist style programs a lot. So don’t tell me that I am not interested in the Dems program proposals. I like some of their proposals … I just don’t want those proposals to come at the cost of personal freedom.

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