Who Wants To Grow Up To Be A Drag Queen?

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It is my understanding that some public Libraries across the nation are sponsoring “Reading Hours” at their facilities where drag queens read stories to children; the “Drag Queens” usually appearing in full “Costume” for the “Diversity” events.

More about it —- HERE.

Of course, needless to say, there are people who disapprove of their children being taught all the benefits and blessings of diversity — and there have been protests by some who think the drag queen reader programs are presenting their kids with what has been described as “Abashedly Queer Role Models.”

More about the protests — HERE.

Some major news resources also have something to say:


I do believe that this “Reading Hour” thing represents some of the best moral-supporting efforts that the American Liberal Left can come up with and that a great deal of gratitude is due to the Leftists who work so hard for LGBT rights so that our children can enjoy all these wondrous performances and thereby gain new insights into what real morality means …. It means acceptance in the minds of some of these people …. It means “Imitation” to the minds of others.

I wonder how much influence such activities as these will have  on developing a whole new crop of drag queens, Transgenders and other scientific miracles throughout the generations yet to come?

Thank you, Liberals, wherever you are for your outstanding contributions to the future of our great country. (Snark!).

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