The Trump Haters who are yapping and yammering about how President Trump made a big mistake in appointing Vice President Pence as coordinator of the U.S. response to the coronavirus should bring themselves up to speed on what is happening before shooting off their mouths —–Pence appointed career health official and Obama-era State Department appointee Deborah Birx to coordinate the response, seeking to soothe concerns over his own lack of public health expertise.

I expect that the next attack by those affected by the Libmouth disease will be along the lines that Deborah Birx isn’t qualified to do this job either. Watch for it!

Are You Ready For ‘ The Great Trade-Off ‘ In America Because Of Coronavirus?

What “Great Trade Off?” —– Why the great trade off between individual rights and individual privacy and the promise of safety and security at the hands of Big Government!

Imagine suddenly not being able to walk freely down the street without someone demanding to take your body temperature.

Imagine not being able to leave your home after certain hours of the day. (Curfews.)

Imagine not being able to travel to a close by city to visit with friends or to do some shopping. Restaurants and shops closed. Schools closed. Nobody out on the streets.

The smell of hand sanitizer everywhere … everyone in a face mask … everybody wearing protective gloves …. afraid to touch anything or anybody —

“I had a student in Wuhan at the moment and her topic was about the virus. It was very chilling and sad,” Carver said. “She was telling me about the families that were affected. There would be a family member with a cough and they wouldn’t be able to see them anymore. Instead, they would get a letter saying that if the relative was going to (die), they would be able to get the ashes later. There was no final goodbye,” he said.

That chilling experience that I just quoted comes from a story I found on the Internet about how it is to live in an area where there is coronavirus — THIS ARTICLE HERE.

So what do YOU think?

Are you ready?




AP Catches Democrats In Little White Lie About Trump Defunding Health Agencies!

I guess a couple of our Democrat candied-dates for the President have got themselves caught in a little “Inaccurate” information they allegedly peddled saying that President Trump cut funding to the CDC and the National Institute For Health (NIH) —- and I believe the implication of those “Inaccuracies” (Little White Lies?) was that Trump took some kind of action to undercut the health agencies so that they would be less able to deal with such crises as the coronavirus.

Pure weaponization of the coronavirus crisis for their own political gain if you want my opinion about it.

Who blew the whistle on these candied-dates little scam?

No less than the Associated Press is what I heard!

You can check it out if you will simply Google, ” AP Fact Check: Democrats Distort coronavirus readiness.”

I can’t link to the AP because I do not understand their copyright limitations, but you can sure look it up if you want to.

Back In The Good Old Days Of Politics

I remember when politics was a lot tamer in Washington, D.C., than they are today and the opposing parties could snarl and snap and curse at each other but, at the end of the day, they could grind out legislations that benefitted everybody ….. even though both sides did not always get everything they wanted.

It was rough and tumble politics and it could get firey and vitriolic at times but at least the end result was more benefit to The American People than any of the garbage can filler that somes out of The Hill these days.

If people did not necessarily like whoever was elected as President, they would, at least, accept the fact that he was president for 4 years and they would hunker down and make the best of things, hoping that their side would win in the next election.

That was America at Her best.

I doubt if we will ever see those days again but in another vein of thinking, I believe that if we have some major national calamity (like the one that happened on September 11, 2001) and like the one that could happen because of the coronavirus, the assholes might get their shit together and come together again …. Time will tell.

Random Friday

There is no doubt in any sane mind that the combination of the coronavirus and the threat of a possible Sanders presidency are working to undermine the stock markets and to set the stage for panic in America.

On the same note, it is apparent to anybody who has the ability to find their rear ends in a mirror that the shameless Radical Democrats are looking for any way possible to weaponize the coronavirus scare in their continued desperate efforts to undermine the Trump Administration and to gain political advantage.

If all the sane people in The United States have not now concluded that it is the Trump Hating Democrats who have always placed the safety of our country and our economy at the very bottom of their list of priorities, then somebody is in for a great and rude awakening.


How Bizarre Disease Threatens America’s Source Of Critical Medicines!

by John (Blog Author)

I feel as if the American Pharmaceutical manufacturers might have made a really terrible mistake when they sent production of most of our penicillin, aspirin, antidepressants, cancer medicines and a whole lot of others —- some absolutely critical — to China to save a few million dollars.

Corona, Virus, Pandemic, Epidemic, Mouth Guard

Just imagine this:  As the coronavirus spreads and infects more people in China, sooner or later people will not be able to go to work and so production of the critical medicines we all need and depend on will slow down and then, perhaps, stop altogether for an indeterminate length of time.

When the happens, there is every possibility that Americans will no longer be able to purchase the medicines they may have come to rely on.

If that happens then there will be no other way for Americans to get the medicines we need until Big Phama gets their act together and finds ways to restart production right here at home.  By the time that happens, thousands could die … maybe even more!

Medicines are not the only things that might be in short supply:


This is one doomsday scenario that has every possibility of becoming a real and present nightmare for millions of American Citizens …. a gift that will never stop giving, compliments of corporate greed.

The only hope that I can see is that America has already stockpiled enough of these foreign made medicines to get us through the present crisis …. and any new crises that may arise as a result of this one ….

In any event, if this mess continues and if medicines do start to be in short supply, I can visualize the gougers raising prices on pills and nostrums to outrageously high plateaus so that only the very rich will be able to afford them.  Can you imagine a bottle of common aspirin with 50 pills in it costing $150 or more?

Don’t think it can happen?  I have already seen places on the Internet offering to sell protective surgical masks (virus defense) at $150 for a box of 50 when the original price for the very same item was $31.  It is already beginning in some places.

I wonder if this crisis is enough to convince some of the drug makers to consider moving back to The United States?

Oh by the way, in case you didn’t notice, the cases of coronavirus outside of China has nearly quadrupled in the past week and I am predicting that this is just the tip of a really big and scary ice berg.

I believe we have passed the point where containment of this virus is possible and I am suddenly in favor of having all the borders closed …. nobody in, nobody out …. until this thing dies down. Of course we all know that is never going to happen …. the “Open Borders-Loving” Liberals will make sure that never happens even if it kills most of us!


So far, I have heard that nobody in the United States has any idea at all how many undetected cases of coronavirus might be walking around … As you may already know, the Science Community has already said that it is possible to have this disease long before any symptoms appear ……HOW FAR HAS IT SPREAD ALREADY?

This is one of those cases where the anti-vaxxers (The people who refuse to take vaccines) will become a serious danger to The United States in the event a vaccine is ever perfected and put into action to combat this crap.

As a little side note here, I haven’t heard squat about how many people in North Korea have been infected with this s**t yet. If this thing doesn’t slow down their nuclear ambitions then I don’t think anything will. —– I haven’t heard too much about how Mexico is getting along in this crisis either …..

I wonder when it is going to be dangerous to ride on a bus or a train — or the confined space of an airplane? — When will it become unsafe to eat at restaurants, to shop in crowded malls, to attend church … to go to school ….to go to work ….

One of the least positive aspects of this new virus is that it cannot be cured by common sexual activity.  I believe that fact will come as an unwanted shock to many who are seeking jobs as actors and actresses in Hollywood and elsewhere.

Pictures on this blog are from PIXABAY

More Information about CORONAVIRUS

Coronovirus Might Live On Hard Surfaces For As Many As 9 Days! Be Aware! Stay Safe!

Can the coronovirus survive jet airplane travel from overseas points of origin to The United States? Can the stuff we buy in stores arrive on our shores carrying the active virus? Can you be infected if you handle merchandise that other people with the virus have handled before you? These are what I believe to be compelling and important questions.

First of all, let me say that I have read claims that many of the strains of coronovirus can be effectively dealt with by the use of household disinfectants on commonly-contacted surfaces such as door knobs, toilet seats, flush handles, cabinet handles, faucet handles, shower fixtures — everything that we normally touch through a day. (Everything except the dog or ourselves, I would add.) So let’s not go out and disinfect our kids or our pets …. I believe that would be common sense ….

Some of the “Egg-Spurts” that I have been reading are saying that while nobody knows for sure, it is widely believed that coronovirus can remain alive and active and infectuous on hard surfaces for as many as Nine (9) days depending on the weather. It seems the plague survives colder weather better than it does warmer weather.

I am thinking that I also ought to wipe down any and all of the cans and packages of merchandise that I purchase at grocery stores before opening them because one never knows who or what has touched them before I got my hands on them. So I  am carrying a rag to the grocery and I will wipe down every can and package before I ever put it into my shopping cart.

Remember to wipe down the shopping cart handle as well.

This virus has also given me pause about the idea of eating food from open public food sources such as salad bars in restaurants or super markets.  I have seen some patrons of these kinds of places actually eating right out of the trays of food at salad bars and I have no way of knowing who has slobbered their virus onto the salad before I come along to take a portion of it.

And since food can now travel overseas at lightning speeds via modern jet travel (Something picked in Rampoora at 8:00 this morning can be in your local store by 8:00 tomorrow morning … well within the 9-day survival rate for virus …

So you had better believe that if I see something marked “Product of China,” I am either not going to purchase it or I am going to get out the old rag and give it a good rub down before I even touch it!

Can coronovirus travel in this manner?  I am certain that some of the idiots who think they know everything but who know little to nothing are going to say, “No way! That kind of talk is nothing but fear mongering.”

But as for me and my house, we are going to do the sensible thing and take every available precaution.

But even taking every available precaution might not be enough because there are other experts out there who are saying that they expect as many as 40 to 70-percent of all Americans to get one form or another of the coronovirus before it is all over and done with.

What will I do for myself in this crisis then?

I will wash hands thoroughly (up to the elbows and between the fingers) for as long as it takes me to sing the “Happy Birthday” song at least twice … I will wipe everything that I plan to touch …. I will run the other way if I see some fat idiot coughing and wheezing and sneezing (the same for brats) (Brats are notoriously careless spreaders of germs), I will not eat out of commonly-eaten food bins, I will wear a face mask when out in public even though I am told that those things are fairly ineffective in protecting me from the virus ….. and because people who sell them will soon be gouging the prices on them ….I already saw one place that is offering a box of 50 surgical masks for $150 and the same box of masks used to cost $31 at most before this virus crap was announced …. It is already beginning.


So — good luck ….. and, oh by the way, one other thing: I would suggest teaching your children what to do to protect themselves as well and I would be contacting my local school districts to see if they have plans to add “Protection From Coronovirus” information to their cirricula.