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New York hospitals are so over burdened with death and dying that they have taken to using refrigerated trucks as temporary morgues. —- Does anybody remember my prophecy about piles of bodies stacking up like cordwood? — When do you think we will see construction of massive communal crematoria?

Some hospitals are telling their staff to begin to “Think More Critically” about who gets ventilators. —- Let me do some guesswork here: Those who will be refused ventilators will probably be (and this is nothing more than my personal opinion) (1) The elderly, (2) The lame, (3) The mentally challenged, (4) Those with developmental disabilities, (4) The homeless and the poor and (5) The politically or religiously incorrect.

A horde of those smart-assed young college idiots who have returned home from their spring break have come down with coronavirus and are now happily and recklessly (or maybe not so much now that the cows have come home to roost) spreading it to everyone around them … assholes! —- Remember their smug and smirking faces when they were first told of the danger of congregating in large groups? —– Ironic and Poetic Justice is what I say!

In true form, it is reported that China has been shipping defective coronavirus testing gear out to some countries and some of those countries have gotten wise and are now rejecting the shipments. — Duh! — I cannot help but wonder if those defects are accidental or …. not?

There are new horror stories surfacing now that say (1) If a person catches the coronavirus and survives, they are certainly able to catch it a second time, and (2) The coronavirus has been found to be able to live in the air … because there are droplets of moisture in the air for the shit to cling to and to survive on for hours and perhaps even days at a time. —– and shitheads are still trying to tell us that if we are healthy we don’t need to wear a mask?

Medical experts are predicting that The United States could see more than 100-Thousand deaths from this shit before all is said and done. — My opinion is that they already know, but are afraid to tell anyone, that this virus could wipe out the whole of the human race if assholes and idiots don’t start listening and obeying the rules put forth by the CDC.

South Florida is now on lockdown and at least one pastor of a large Florida church is in jail because he refused to heed the warnings about jamming large numbers of people inside a church and held massively-attended religious services despite local lock down orders —- Now there is a constitutional question about religious rights  —- I don’t think the framers of the constitution ever foresaw a bitch as bad as coronavirus.

I don’t believe, somehow, that Trump’s big idea of getting the country up and running and herding together by Easter is going to work out, do you? —- Somebody has suggested that the major news media stop carrying those ridiculous campaign-style, “Look at me and what I have done that is beautiful and wonderful” propaganda-loaded presidential press conferences about the coronavirus —- and I agree heartily —- shut the shit down —- The American People do not need to hear that crap right now.

Get used to it, folks, April is cancelled —- and probably the rest of the summer as well — and maybe a few more summers after this one — if idiots don’t start doing what they are supposed to be doing  — idiots all the way from the top of the heap to the sewers where you and I live.

Grocery store clerks and food delivery people are going on strike now over wages and hazardous duty pay — I expect that some grocery stores will be forced to close now —- The strikers have a point (up to a certain point) but I think that in a time like this, when food is such a critical item, that kind of strike should be outlawed!

I haven’t seen any food riots yet but if the supply chain breaks down I am looking forward to hearing about them. —- I am also waiting to hear about the first report about some mindless lowlife pulling a gun in a retail establishment in an argument over who gets the last role of toilet tissue — or something else — The uptick in gun sales has been phenomenal and unusual and I am just expecting to see some dork go off in a rage and start shooting because of this coronavirus crap.

There is some new thinking floating around out there that coronavirus lives freely in the very air we breathe and is, therefore, literally inescapable. If that is true, then is it also possible that this pandemic can be a mechanism for natural selection to insure the fittest survive? Has something like this ever happened before in the eons of history? Is something like this one of the possible reasons that Mars is a dead desert planet? Is a civilization-ending microbiological attack even a possibility?

Campaign In Limbo

I see there is a stop in a lot of campaigns because of the corona virus with the president extending deadlines for quarantines until April —– for now!

I am waiting with bated breath to see if he decides that it will be dangerous for large groups of people to gather at polling places and postpones the election for another four years. LOL.

President Issues Kudos To Journalist At Coronavirus Press Briefing

The president complimented a news reporter at his briefing today, calling him “one of the nicest reporters I have ever met.”

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The press conference was about coronavirus and was held in the Rose Garden at the nation’s capital. The President not only complimented the reporter, but he also indicated that he thought the media was being fair and nice and doing a great job.

The reporter that got the compliment from the president was Yamiche Alcindor and the reporter had asked the president a question about some remarks that he had made on Fox News about the high volume of respirators that were going to be needed to combat coronavirus.

It appears that some of the governors of several states have been telling the president they have no use for any additional medical equipment other than that which they have on hand and the president has reportedly been trying to shove more and more such equipment down the different states’ throats.

The president was very positive and upbeat during the press conference, taking all the time needed to answer every journalist’s questions in the minutest detail and commenting on how cooperative and helpful the press had become since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreaks.

The president was very humble, reserved and articulate  and didn’t refer to himself or anything wonderful or beautiful he has done even once at this news conference and was lavish in his praise for everybody involved in battling the coronavirus.

The president mentioned that his administration could be doing a better job at supplying ventilators and other needed supplies to the various cities who need them and mentioned that everybody in the battle was on the same team.

The president hinted at the fact that the states had not been requesting enough ventilators and expressed the opinion that many more would be needed than had been requested. He promised that if there was anything wrong with the delivery system on these items, the administration was probably to blame and that he accepted full responsibility for any delays and pledged to find a solution to any problems in that area.

(Photo Credit: Pixabay)

We Can’t Save “Grandma” And The Economy Too!

Trump is reported to have said recently something on the order of, “We can’t let the cure (for coronavirus) become worse than the problem itself.”

Now it appears to me that the general attitude in Trump Land is, “There is no way that we are going to be able to save the economy without throwing Grandma under the bus.”

At the beginning of this coronavirus mess, it was whispered that the president was more concerned about scaring the investors in the money markets than he was in the impending health crisis itself.

Now there are tales going around that the president is more concerned with what keeping the country on lockdown ( a critical health precaution) is going to do to his chances for re-election than he is with people’s health and well being.

Recently it was reported that the president balked at a 1-billion-dollar price tag for 80,000 ventilators for critically ill coronavirus patients.

The bad news —– if there is any news about it at all —- is that Trump’s loyalists are reportedly starting to promote, emphasize and amplify his concerns —– which means (In my opinion) that the economy is going to “Trump” doing everything possible to deal with the coronavirus and to render critically-needed health care to the American People.

But have no fear —- We will still have four more years of this administration once the elections of 2020 are done and over ….. if, indeed there even is an election —– Somebody might figure out that it is too dangerous to allow a lot of people to congregate at polling places —– Maybe the election will be postponed for 4 years or so —– out of concern for people’s health.

Whadda ya think?

Texas Lt. Governor Says Old People Should Volunteer To Die To Save The Economy

Are you old? —– Are you ready to volunteer to die to save the economy because of coronavirus? —– Some of the extreme Right Wing crowd now apparently believes that if you are elderly you should volunteer to die in order to save the economy — (For the rich , no doubt)!

My opinion:  If the Right Wing is talking about old people volunteering to die, I wonder how long it will be before some of them come up with the idea that “Volunteering” isn’t necessary but that the government should accommodate them for the good of the country?

Can you say “Undesirables?” —- Repeat after me, “Un-desirables!”

Read it —–HERE.