British Are Now Worrying About How To Store Coronavirus Corpses!

I see that the English are now starting to worry about whether or not to convert their iconic and beautiful Hyde Park into a temporary morgue to store the bodies they expect to accumulate if the coronavirus outbreak gets too much out of control.

I heard that another British Citizen has worried about “Rapid Disposal” of coronavirus corpses.

That sounds to me like an awfully lot of worrying over the coronavirus …. Do the Brits know something that is being kept from U.S. Citizens?

Are there facts about this virus that we need to know but that we aren’t being told? I heard a rumor that says that somebody in Washington has put a muzzle on information about the virus and the spread of it …. why would anybody want to keep such information from the general public? — Is that another reason not to trust the government or is that some conspiracists idea of a great way to spend an hour on the toilet?

I think all my hundreds of adoring fans need to read this from the “Mail.”

8 thoughts on “British Are Now Worrying About How To Store Coronavirus Corpses!

  1. We are a lot closer to Europe, John. That means a tendency to panic when it is not always necessary to do so. The Daily Mail is a sensationalist Right-Wing tabloid that loves to do some scaremongering. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. The Mail is our right wing paper, what I do is read that and read the Guardian (left wing) and the truth is somewhere in between.

    I personally think they reason why the British papers have jumped on it and how we are all going to die from it is to take our minds away from how badly Brexit is actually doing

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