Can Coronavirus Get Into Your Drinking Water?

First of all let me say that I have read that coronavirus can live on surfaces (In the air) for about 9 days before becoming inactive.

We know that coronavirus can be transmitted through the air from person to person and we know that it can be transmitted when people hug or shake hands … or when someone sneezes and someone else gets the microscopic droplets of that sneeze into their own respiratory system (Bring on the masks).

But recently, the question has arisen about whether or not coronavirus can get into the drinking water supply and spread the disease in that manner.

I am wondering if a whole bunch of people who have been infected by the virus, can those people be the cause for the virus to enter the drinking water system and thus place other people who drink water at risk?

The North Koreans are reportedly beginning to test their water sources and their waste water for the virus —

It is something to think about!

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