Panic Buying Hits California As People Prepare For Coronavirus.

Cosco is telling people that panic buying is neither useful nor helpful.  Nevertheless, store shelves everywhere in the state are running low on canned food, toilet paper and towels and other such things that people believe will help them in case of a lockdown of their area.

What people are not understanding is that if there is a lockdown, it might run longer than their supplies last them …. and then what.  If there is a lockdown they sure as hell will not be running out to buy more and if they do they are liable to come upon empty shelves as distribution shuts down and stores shutter their doors.

As to all that toilet paper and towels being laid in by the panic buyers, let me ask this question, “What do you intend to do with all that paper stuff when the waterworks shuts down and there is no water running through your faucets and toilets? (If it gets bad enough, don’t you suspect that employees will be afraid to run the utilities because they have to be more or less confined with fellow employees?

Oh by the way, for those of you who do not like aljazeera for one reason or the other, you can find lots more stories confirming the panic buying in California if you know how to “Google” things that might interest you.  I am sure that if you “Google” a few things, you will find a source of news that you can trust.


One thought on “Panic Buying Hits California As People Prepare For Coronavirus.

  1. I have never been tempted to ‘panic buy’. But there is evidence all around me that it is certainly starting here. If our government does not bring in serious international travel restrictions, it is definitely going to get worse in Britain.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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