What Really Happened In The South Carolina Democrat Primary?

Biden achieved a victory but the value of that victory is yet to be proven.

Buttiegieg and Klobachar can draw enough votes away from Biden to threaten his chances to face Sanders, one on one in the big one!

Bloomberg has now spent enough money to get onto the ballot and nobody at this point knows how that will affect Biden’s chances.

I believe Biden is going to need a lot of the Democrat leaders to coalesce around him if he hopes to have a chance.  Time will tell whether any of them will coalesce or not.

Looks to me like Sanders will get California into his corner on this one … and his polls keep rising … I understand he raked in more than 40-million dollars for his campaign just this past week …..

Somehow the African/American vote has become a big deal in the viability of any of the three competing candidates … and nobody really knows how the wind blows for any of the Three on that score.

I believe a lot of the outcome of all this will depend on whether or not Socialist Sanders has any “Cross-Over” appeal …. right now I think I am safe in saying that the majority of the scared-out-of-their-wits Democrats will probably turn tail and move their oars and sails to Sanders’ boat before this is all over and done with.

I think that if the Dems do go rogue on this one and attach their hopes to Sanders, they will spend much of their time during the coming couple of decades trying to repair the crushing damage that will be done to their boat after it runs onto the rocks of a Trump landslide in 2020.

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