Buttigieg Withdraws From Presidential Race

It appears that candidate Pete Buttigieg has officially thrown in the towel and is leaving the race for President.

The news I read said that one of the reasons Buttigieg has dropped out of the race is because the Democrat primary race is edging toward more diverse states.

I think this is probably very sad because, in my opinion, there are few, if any, candidates this time around who are more diverse than Buttigieg.

Somebody mentioned to me that they thought the real reason Mr. Buttigieg is leaving the race is because too many people do not know how to spell his name and that this would tend to make him hard to find on a printed ballot or on the screen of an electronic voting machine.

It is said that Mr. Buttigieg’s departure will open up a greater opportunity for Joe Biden to stand in opposition to socialist Sanders.

I have been told that socialist Sanders does not need anybody to open up greater opportunities for him because most Americans will oppose him anyway.

Buttigieg has been quoted as saying that he considers himself to be a Washington outsider. It is my opinion that if he doesn’t play his cards right, he will, indeed, be very far outside of Washington …

It appears to me that Buttigieg’s often stated dream of bringing “Generational Change To The White House” is now fast fading into memory.

I think that instead of “Generational Change”, what we really need in The White House is gerontological change. I think it is time to stop centering our hopes and dreams on a bunch of rich old gray haired grannies and start getting some younger blood into the most important office in the nation.

Buttigieg is reported to have been the first gay candidate to ever run for president although I cannot imagine how anybody could ever think that because I am pretty certain that there have been others but they just never admitted it or were never outed.

Some of those guys who were fond of wearing fancy wigs back in the 1700s are high on my list of possible candidates for being gay … especially the ones who always wore those really tight silk-looking pants.

I think President Delilah Hepsibiah Hornpecker who followed President George Washington, but whose election was kept top secret for unknown reasons was probably a lesbian … but, since there is no written record of her ever serving in this capacity, the lesbian thing is probably pure conjecture.

It is reported that Candidate Buttigieg finished close behind Sanders in New Hampshire, which is something I am definitely prone to believing.

According to an article on the website, “Politico,” we read —–“Buttigieg’s campaign also became a touchstone for LGBTQ Americans. Buttigieg’s husband, Chasten, became a social media star and frequent presence on the campaign trail, and the two were featured together on the cover of Time magazine in 2019. Just last week, Buttigieg took a question at a campaign event from a young boy asking for help coming out. And after taking a lead in Iowa, Buttigieg reflected on the meaning of that moment for other gay people watching his campaign.”

I expect the upshot of this is that in the future, young boys who wish to come out as gay will have to find answers to such questions from some other source of advice than the President of The United States — unless something changes drastically between now and then. I am of the opinion that such a setback would be a real disappointment to the LGBTQ Communities.

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