Millions of Americans are running out to the stores to buy supplies of those surgical protective face masks as the coronavirus hysteria increases.  The American Surgeon General  has reportedly said to forget about buying the masks.  The reason given is that the masks are not really all that effective in protecting from the coronavirus ….. but that frequent and thorough hand washing is believed to be a great deterrent spread of the virus.

That is the Surgeon General talking there folks! I mean, I have seen pictures showing hordes of Chinese People wearing these kinds of masks in the midst of their coronavirus scourge …. What is it the Chinese know that we are not being told? —– Why are the protective masks good for the Chinese but not for us?

Another question: “Why hasn’t The Surgeon General been appointed to the group under direction of Vice President Pence to take a major role in .fighting the spread of coronavirus in The United States?

Doesn’t it seem strange to you that we haven’t heard a word about Pence and Company appointing The Surgeon General to any group concerned with fighting the spread of this thing? —– Or has it happened and I have missed it somehow? —– I do want to be fair!

So I guess I am supposed to understand that handwashing and drinking a few cans of Gatorade is going to be my best bet, right? (I heard about some fella in quarantine telling somebody else that the only treatment he was getting was gatorade and confinement and monitoring.


  1. The mask has to allow use without getting wet from the user’s breath. If they buy basic masks, they are useless after a relatively short time anyway. Look at the masks being used by the protection-suited staff checking people. They are the effective kind.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I would tend to agree with you, Herb, but for some strange reason I ordered some face masks anyway …. I do like to stay in style to the extent possible. LOL

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  3. Maybe it’s that we are a lot smarter than the Chinese and have learned that, in fact, the best way to stop the spread of any germs is handwashing. This has been known in this country for years.

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