I Ditched The Sidebar On My Blog

We are living in the age of mobile ….. and people who read blogs on mobile devices rarely ever get to see the sidebar of a blog anyway, unless the look for it. That’s one reason I am ditching it.

The sidebar is not all that good for conversion rates. If people actually sign up to read a blog it is a rare occurrence in today’s electronic climate. It is easier for somebody who wants to read a blog to simply bookmark it on their browser and click in whenever they choose. (No more barrages of e-mail notifications … some people think of those things as spam anyway.)

Anyway, I am not the biggest blog on the block and I have always blogged under the theory that whoever is meant to read my blog will find it (That would be the exceptional few people in this world with a lot of common sense and class) and if they like me, they will bookmark me. (That’s what I do to the blogs I love. I bookmark them and visit them regularly.)

I have also reduced the blog to it’s simplest common denominator. Taking my cue from “Drudge Report,” I am now presenting in black and white and with the simplest and most legible traditional typeface that I could find … one that looks a lot like the old typeface on the typewriter (an archaic machine used to print letters in the old days).

Lastly I have adopted a less serious attitude about my postings. I am no longer operating under the idea that everything I say is world-changing. (Even though it should be because of my self-proclaimed vastly superior intellectual capabilities. Snark!).

So, in the future, please do not bet the horse on anything that I write because I could be (a) serious as hell, (b) pulling your leg, (c) jerking your chain, (d) flat-out lying and manipulating the truth, or parodying something or somebody.

The big thing is that I want to entertain you and maybe even help us both learn something together.

My politics haven’t changed but if somebody screws me over, my politics are subject to change on a dime.

And even though I am a rabid Conservative at the present moment, I have been a rabid Progressive before …. It all depends on how my ass feels when I get up in the morning. I could be a very staunch supporter of someone like President Trump today and I could be a Sanders supporter tomorrow … depending on how my bank account looks and whether or not somebody is demanding to see my papers when I walk the trail to the old outhouse in the back.

And, oh by the way, in being this honest with you, I have also concluded that I am not the only flip-flopper on the block …. and I believe that people who are not able to change their opinions as circumstances dictate might be a little lacking in the belfry.

Of course, I do really love everybody whether I think they are assholes or not. I truly mean that! I have always been more of a lover than a fighter!

6 thoughts on “I Ditched The Sidebar On My Blog

  1. So far, the absence of the sidebar doesn’t seem to have affected me all that much but I might bring it back sometime …. you know how I love to fiddle.

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