The horror is here folks …. the coronavirus has hit The United States and is now stealthily making its way to your neighborhood.

The Government has stepped up efforts to get this thing under control but I haven’t read a headline yet that suggests they have even come near.

The medical geniuses have now discovered that the virus can appear in people who have never had any contact with any other infected person, so that doesn’t sound like good news. It says to me that anybody can catch the shit anywhere and at any time without warning ….. the symptoms can be a long time coming …. people can run around infected with this disease and not even know it until the crap hits the fan with their immune systems.

Health officials everywhere are “Preparing” to “Test” Tens of Thousands of people for the virus —- but nobody has yet told me how the “Government is preparing to TREAT Tens of Thousands of people who might get the disease.

Somebody over in England has already started worrying about how to dispose of “All” the bodies they expect might start to pile up — and worse than worrying about how to dispose of the bodies, they are expressing concerns about how to “Rapidly” dispose of the dead bodies. (Furnaces? Mass Grave sites?) — Imagine not being able to have a last visitation with dear old Uncle Smedley! Heart-wrenching! I think such an occasion could drive scores of people to total distraction. (Drive them nuts.).

There are already deserted streets appearing all over the globe as people stay indoors in the hopes of avoiding the plague.

Experts’ best guesstimates at this time are that the virus is spreading across the globe “Very Rapidly” and chances for containing it are “Narrowing.” Let me interpret that for you in my own personal language: “Interpretation: We are screwed!).

Just wait til the super markets close their doors for most days of a week and food supplies start running short because distribution gets shut down … all because of this ridiculous little germ.

Parents everywhere are already having to cope with the possibility of looking at and listening to their brats 24-hours -a-day as schools start shutting down for long periods of time. I believe a lot of Psychiatrists and Psychoanalysts will be working overtime to keep parents faced with this horror at least some semblance of sane.

I expect to see a lot of assholes who sell stuff starting to gouge prices on everything from chewing gum to condoms …. and as medicine supplies start dwindling because China’s production capacities have shut down, I envision a bottle of aspiring costing as much as $100 or more.

American pharmaceutical makers should have known better than to offshore America’s medicine supply — but they did it and now we are all going to pay for it.

I can’t wait to hear the reports about how much of this corona virus crap is sneaking across our borders on the backs and in the guts of illegal immigrants (The very people the Liberals love to cater to so much …).


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