5:39 AM Rant

So, what do you think, Morty? Can we get a few hundred more people to come here and visit with us at this blog so that we might share information or opinions in a world that seems to be getting crazier with each passing day?

I don’t believe I have ever seen such days ….. days when I get up each morning feeling more and more grateful that I haven’t yet started feeling any symptoms from the latest deadly bug that is causing such hysteria all around the world.

Some medical people have started blowing a horn that says that before we are all said and done with this coronavirus thing at least 40 to 70 percent of all adults now living will be infected by it. Life has now become a lottery!

Is the virus in the drinking water supply? Is this a virus that could have been prevented or is it some by product of global warming or some other pollution of the atmosphere brought on by the needless mindlessness and thoughtlessness of Mankind? Is this an example, perhaps, of how  Mars became a dead desert planet?

To the doomsday sayers I say, “This virus cannot be the end of Mankind because our traditional religious belief has always been that the world will end by fire and not by virus — unless, of course, one can consider a high fever to be a fire. Think, folks, think!

Are we rats in a sinking ship?  Are there any ropes that we can scurry down to escape the rising waters of uncertainty …. only to plunge headlong into even deeper waters of destruction?

Will the coming of sunshine and warm weather have a negative effect on the coronavirus?  Is it a seasonal thing?  Will the Summertime kill it? Once a person gets it and survives it, can it be gotten a second time or does the body become immune after the first attack?

Are these kinds of plagues the result of something going wrong in Nature or are they the result of Mankind meddling with things they have no business meddling with?

One has to be careful about writing long blog posts because most people don’t really read things anyway — they skip read or they do the first sentence and one in the middle and one at the end and then they leave comments that are totally missing the point of the article.

Every day that I get up without feeling lousy now is a real blessing.  Who would have ever thought that the world could get into the shape that we have gotten it into with our blundering idiocy? Are we all nothing more than helpless little bacteria in a big universal petri dish?

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