Texas Closes More Voting Stations And Minorities Feeling The Effects.

I somehow got onto “The Guardian” website and found and article telling me that Texas is closing more of its polling stations making it more and more difficult for minorities to cast their votes in elections.

The article I read got what I thought to be very racist in tone and mentioned that the minorities most affected would be the Black and Latino peoples. Nowhere were the LGBT communities mentioned …. maybe they are not a minority in Texas …. I haven’t seen any rainbow-colored cowboy hats yet —– Well, maybe “Racist” is the wrong word to use here — I am not the brightest bulb in the socket, after all.

My first reaction to reading about this was, “Well Texas isn’t a bunch of dummies after all, are they?”

The article went on to say that by closing all those polling stations, The State of Texas was creating an unfair advantage on behalf of Republicans in the state.

My first reaction to that was, “Well Republicans aren’t a bunch of dummies either, are they?

My last concern was, “Well, they have gone ahead and mentioned that these polling closures would affect Black People and Latino People …. why haven’t they thought about closing polling stations that would affect Islamic People too?

I mean — really folks — if somebody is going to deliberately target the voting of one or two minority groups, why not just cast a broader net and get them all?

For some strange reason, I sense that there might be something a little bit un-American about all this but I haven’t quite been able to put my finger on it yet.

I think that part of my confusion is that I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Texas and Texans …Merica!

2 thoughts on “Texas Closes More Voting Stations And Minorities Feeling The Effects.

  1. Well, it fits in with the lamestream media’s obvious leftist agenda. Make wild accusations that some of the voters they think are theirs will be disenfranchised, then when they lose it was obvious who was to blame. Certainly not their leftist policies.

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