Nobody knows yet whether you can catch the virus more than once. The idea is to do your best to keep from catching it in the first place ….. but I believe that because of all the surfaces out there that people can touch, and because of all the traditional interactions between individuals, actually avoiding the catching of this thing is probably one big lottery game.

Somebody has opined that before this thing is over, at least 40 to 70 percent of the adult population of the entire planet will be infected by coronavirus.

No need to panic, however …. I am of the opinion that as time goes by, there will be very few people who can actually afford to get the necessary tests for themselves to see if they have caught this monster and I am sure that the Medicos will monetize it to the greatest possible degree unless somebody in power puts the brakes on their greedy tendencies.

I am still wondering if it has gotten into the drinking water.  That would be a real item of concern to me …. has it gotten into the drinking water?  Can a large storm spread it to places where it has not yet taken hold?  Hurricane season is coming and tornado season is already here. —- Can the jetstream spread this disease around the globe?  How about the prevailing winds …. There are a lot of unknowns so far.


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