Coronavirus Cannot Be Allowed To Become Business As Usual.

I am thinking that when Big Pharmaceutical people finally do develop an effective vaccine against Coronavirus, somebody somewhere up the chain is going to be sorely tempted to gouge the price of it ….. and thousands of people will not be able to afford it.

Some people think the vaccine should be free to all who need it and so far I have not been able to find a single mention of how much the test for coronavirus costs the individual patient (I have heard estimates that it costs more than $3,000 (Three Thousand Dollars) —- but I cannot confirm that —– and I have also been unable to find out whether or not insurance companies are covering the cost of the tests.

If the insurance companies are not covering the cost of the tests, then the individual getting tested will probably have to pay the entire cost out of pocket …. unless there is something about Medicare or Medicaid that I do not know …. and it is entirely possible that I don’t know squat about whether Medicare or Medicaid would get involved in the cost of coronavirus testing or not.

Does anybody reading this have any idea?

There is reported to be a lot of concern up on The Hill in Washington that when the vaccine does get done, it must be readily available to all who need it and it must be affordable.  We have to remember that it is Taxpayer money that is financing the development of the vaccine and the taxpayer ought to be able to get a good return on their money and not be taken to the cleaners when it comes time to get the shot. This is going to be a critical and fancy tap dance folks because I have never yet seen anything developed by Big Medicine that does not end up costing consumers an arm and a leg.

I have to be fair and say that modern flu vaccines are affordable but I cannot explain how the power structure allowed that to transpire.


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