I dearly love those moments in time ( and believe me when I tell you that there are lot of those kinds of moments for me ) when something I have predicted actually comes to pass even in the face of all the nay-saying by the cranial-content-bereft fools who think they are so smart about everything that happens in the world. (Yes, I love to gloat because I have earned the right.). When you are constantly correct about things and fools are constantly wrong about things, there is little question left about who is right and who is wrong and what a lie is and what the truth is …. and I have to tell you that the modern American Democrat party and their hanger-ons have gone completely off the rails as far as reality is concerned and they are all living in a quagmire-encrusted wet dream of some kind.

Before and during the failed Democrat-ass-tic so-called “Impeachment” process, the Lib Left was draining their lizards continuously over their enraged, hate-filled dreams of removing the President from office by any legal means possible. Their cronies were constantly droning at me, “Oh yes, John, Trump will be removed from office and it will happen before 2020 ever sees the light of day!”

I am happy to respond to that idiocy this morning, folks by addressing the idiots who kept insisting about this stuff to me and I am happy to exclaim, this morning, for all the world to hear, “Oh yeah … crudnicks?” Show me! The whole fiasco of an impeachment turned about to be just what I had always said it was, “Mindless wishful thinking” on the part of the Trump Haters.  Oh how I do hope and pray that their failure to impeach the president stung them firmly in the sphincter and I hope the sting was searing hot and I hope it is still stinging!

There are Trump Haters out there in the field of pragmatic American Living who I fear are operating from a platform of  mental and moral instability and who have acquired a never-satisfied  hunger for as much chaos in their lives and in the lives of other people as the market will bear and I believe that is where all their energies are focused and I don’t think they will stop until the entire country is totally left-wing socialist and the new gulags have been built and a wall has been constructed between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie that can never be breached.

If you are a thinking human being ….. and I am assuming that you are a thinking human being, otherwise you would not be reading this blog …… because only the best people in the world can understand this blog …..then I challenge you to imagine what the world would be like right now if the Dumbocruds had won in 2016.  Imagine a world where the policies embraced by President Trump would have been reversed by 180-degrees.  If you do that, as a little mental exercise, I think you can come to the conclusion that in such a world, America would not be striving to be great again but would be striving to become another of the s***h*** Third World entities that the Lib Left seems to love so much because they want to fill our country up with the illegal immigrants from such places ….. the illegal immigrants who have no desire at all to assimilate here but who I believe have the main desire to duplicate the failing places they came from.

Imagine, if you can bear to think about it, a society where nobody would be able to own a gun without being under constant surveillance from the Big Brother, all-knowing, all-inclusive, all encompassing, all-powerful dictatorial Lib government.

Just invert the accomplishments of the Trump Administration and then you will be able to see what it would have become if the Libs had won in the 2016 elections. And to the complete idiots who still insist that The Donald did not win the election because he did not win the popular vote, let me say this ….”Go wipe your noses and change your diapers and ask mommie for a warm bottle because no American election is ever won on the popular vote …. it is won by numbers from the electoral college.”

I have to laugh at the dolts who insist that Trump cannot sustain a presidency because “Some” voters are shifting away from him and his policies. I find such statements to be absolutely devoid of reason …. and I will tell you why —– I believe that since America has recently come very very close to getting a big dose of communism into their electoral process, thus creating the very real possibility that a radical-left-leading candidate could become the first socialist president, Scared-stiff American Democrats have responded to the shock of such a possibility and have now thrown their support behind Biden.

The real upshot of what I am trying to say right now is that I don’t believe that “Shift away from Trump” that the bug-eyed Lefties had hoped for is sustainable and that the sands are, right at this moment, shifting back toward Trump in a big big way — a big way that could assure him another 4 years.


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