Wed, March 4, 2020

I am awake now and there is nobody here on the blog so …. I will ramble for a minute or two. I do have to have my early morning dose of ego satisfaction so in my vain little way I will rant and ramble for a minute or two … or ten. LOL.

The sum total of a man’s insignificance in this old world can be measured in the milliseconds that it takes to realize that almost everybody I ever knew is dead and gone and by some miracle, I find myself still here and well enough to reason, to function, to observe and to enjoy what I can when I can.

I used to think that being a billionaire was something worth being but after awhile money becomes boring and a chore just like everything else and the wonder and awe of it rubs off quickly and it starts to mould and to stink where once it was filled with excitement and adventure ….so I do not aspire to that particular curse anymore. I have new aspirations these days …. one of them being making it through as much of a day as I can.

See how long a letter I have written here in the few minutes that I have been awake this morning, Something must still be working after all … unless I am deluding myself …. which is something that I am supremely able to accomplish.

There is some hint that the winter weather may be beginning to break up a little bit around here and maybe I can start getting out of the house and taking some long walks again …. if the stiffness in my legs will permit it …. something I didn’t have too much of last year or the year before. They say that when a man’s legs are gone, the man is gone as well.

My new ideal is to try to keep from getting the coronavirus. It is amazing how things can be percolating along really swell one day …. and be totally messed up the next day …..Since this plague has descended on us with all its hype and hysteria, I have discovered that some of the things I thought were important yesterday don’t amount to a hill of beans this morning …. Life suddenly seems to be more precious to me ….. these realizations are part of the positive benefits of coronavirus ….. I wonder if there are others out there thinking some of the same things this morning.

It is Six O’clock now …. time to get up and get the coffee pot going. I will be back on here later on with some more of this fascinating stuff to share with all you wonderful people out there.

By the way …. if some of you out there are familiar with type faces and fonts, can you tell me if this blog is coming across to you this morning as “Times New Roman?”

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