Now some people are saying that coronavirus can be spread through the mail and by handling money.  It is being reported that there have recently been more and more jobs as bank tellers and cashiers in stores opening up because of this danger.

Has anyone ever wondered why the names of the victims who have died from coronavirus in The United States have not appeared in any news programs yet? Don’t the victims have names? (If there actually were any such victims to begin with.) (Could the whole thing be a hoax to make people shop more locally?

The Media sure have gotten themselves a lot of mileage from all this coronavirus shit, haven’t they?

I am wondering, “If this coronavirus is so contagious, has sex now become totally dangerous? If kissing and cuddling can be dangerous, then actually hooking up during coitus has to be doubly dangerous — and I am pretty sure that it is more than uncomfortable for people to try to have sex while dressed in hazmat gear.

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  1. So that’s the new dating site: Hazmat Mating!

    Paper money and coins have always been sources of contamination. I think I read earlier that certain places are now prohibiting purchases (merchandise, tickets, etc.) with anything but credit cards or other electronic forms of payment.

    Warning to casino winners: Don’t kiss your money at the cage!

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