Are The Packages You Ordered Safe From Coronavirus? Think Again!

Is it safe to handle packages that are shipped from China …. and from the State of Washington?  It is said that the coronavirus remains alive, active and infectious on hard surfaces such as metal, plastic and wood … and what have you …. for as long as 9 days.

So, is it safe to handle such packages or should they be disinfected before we put our hands on them?

Even if the packages coming from China are initially safe from the virus, what happens if a lot of dock workers where the packages are loaded onto ships are infected while they are handling the merchandise?

It only takes about 2 days to get a package from China via airplane … ships take a lot longer … but remember the time the virus remains active and dangerous is 9 days according to all current estimates.

We don’t really have a handle on which States have got coronavirus running around in their borders ,,,, we do know about California and Washington … and maybe a couple of others …. but remember that symptoms can hide themselves for days before they surface as complaints among victims so we really don’t know how much of this virus is loose out there, much less where it comes from.

I am thinking that money and coins can also be carriers of this disease.  But how in the world are we expected to disinfect all the paper bills and coins that we handle in the course of a day?

This is going to be a real nightmare before it is over, isn’t it?

7 thoughts on “Are The Packages You Ordered Safe From Coronavirus? Think Again!

  1. I think they should all be wiped down with gasoline, kerosene or jet fuel and then have a lit match applied. I believe that would rid them of the virus.

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  2. I think the estimates for the virus surviving are wildly exaggerated. I’m sure that by the time a parcel arrives, that virus could not have survived that long. Maybe I will order something from there, and see if I get it? Then you can tell me I was very wrong. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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