Warren Throws Hat Into The Ring!

Warren Throws Hat In The Ring ‘Bout time, I would say … bye bye Liz!”
Candidate Warren (The one who can win this thing and beat Donald Trump) has obviously decided that she cannot “win this thing and beat Donald Trump” because, if the radio isn’t lying to me right now, she has withdrawn from the Presidential campaign.

This brings up an interesting question to me: “Candidates have been running all over the place telling people that they have what it takes to run the country and to beat Donald Trump in the 2020 election ….. and then, sometimes suddenly …. they take themselves out of the competition.

Does this mean that when they were making their campaign promises they had no idea of whether or not they could keep those promises or does it mean they were spinning fairy tales in the air for the American Average Citizens to take as Gospel?

Actually, do campaign promises mean a damned thing anymore or are they just carrots the candidates like to dangle before the eyes and ears of people they feel superior to and whom they consider as dumb as boxes of rocks?

Now Bloomerberg is out too …. after spending millions of dollars …. I wish I had that kind of money (Of course I am not exactly poor) to waste on television time …..but then again, I was on television once and I didn’t much like it because it was too hot under those lights and the person interviewing me was an idiot. I went home from that quonset hut studio in Detroit with a massive headache that night.

I love watching Demoturds imploding on the campaign trail. It makes me wonder what it would have been like if those who have taken their toys and gone home would have actually become President. I think the American Political System must surely be designed with some kind of fail safe mechanism that weeds out the weaklings and allows the survival of the fittest to attain unto the high offices of this land …. with a few exceptions, of course …..exceptions I am not going to name for fear of being labeled as racist or xenophobic.

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