Here we are again

Friday and the specter of coronavirus is still with us.  Everytime I go out to the supermarket now, and somebody coughs or sneezes, I want to run as fast as I can in the opposite direction.  Hysteria, hysteria, pure and simple.  There is no need for all this hysteria because if the virus is going to get you it is going to get you and there isn’t a thing you can do about it except to suffer it through until either it gets better or you die!

Face facts, folks — either this is the worst plague to come down the road in centuries or it is a bunch of crap being spread by the Liberal Media to take attention off the election of 2020 — at any rate, the disingenuous Left-wad Media is making the most out of it all …. as is their nature …. as I suspected they would ….

I am pissed this morning to find out that my president cut back funding for the Center For Disease Control before this thing ever got started …. that was not the most brilliant move …. if, in fact, he really did it …. it could be more Leftist propaganda … which I would like to believe it is …. but presidents are human and subject to making errors …. I am just a little peeved that if this error did occur, it will be costly in the face of the coronavirus.

This disease has caused so much confusion and panic that I am at a loss as to how to view it —- Is it big and bad and dangerous and deadly and destined to devastate 70 percent of the population like the Leftwads are saying it will or is it just another form of influenza like some of the people who want to avoid panicking us all saying it is? I remember H1N1 …. it came along and got into 284 countries and killed more than as Million people worldwide …. I never contracted that one …. I also did not see the depth and length and breadth of hype on that one as I have seen with the coronavirus …. so I am thinking that somebody knows something that I don’t and they aren’t talking.

There needs to be a lot more transparency in this time of trouble.

I am pleased to see that the Democrats have finally pared themselves down to two hopeless candidates and one ultra-hopeless candidate …. but that is sad too because I think we really do need a change in Washington …. but unfortunately, the Democrats have not been able to stabilize themselves and appear to be weak …. and the Dems believe in big government and I do not believe in too big of a government …. When it comes down to choices, we really don’t have all that many good ones at all … We have the prospect of 4 more years of more of the same —- actually it doesn’t matter who we get into the Oval Office …. No matter who the president is, we are always going to have 4 to 8 years of more of the same …. so what are you going to do?

I have an online friend who is always telling me something that I already know … that all politicians are lacking something upstairs and that none of them are truly equipped to address the needs of this nation …. but then I do not like the idea of anarchy either so there you go … we are stuck no matter which way the winds turn.

I guess all that we peons down here in the bourgeois can do is do the best we can with what we have got and go ahead.

I wish the investors over at the stock markets were not such pussies about the coronavirus thing …. those investors could protect the markets by hanging in there and riding it out because everybody knows that sooner or later this coronavirus thing will cease to be a threat to the economy or the economy will collapse altogether and money won’t be worth the paper it is printed on and investments won’t amount to a hill of beans in returns …. so I wish the investors would stop panicking and hurrying up the onset of the inevitable.

One thought on “Here we are again

  1. Panic buying has really set in here. It is all but impossible to buy things like toilet paper and liquid soap. I refuse to play along. I remember swine flu, and I got that and survived it. If I get this new virus, then so be it, and the dice will be rolled.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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