In Praise Of A Discriminatory Coronavirus!

There are people out there wishing that the Coronavirus was discriminatory so that it would affect only those people who are considered by other people to be their enemies. Thus there are Republicans who are wishing that the coronavirus would only attack Democrats and vice versa and across a vast spectrum of petty differences and personal enmities.

I wonder if some of this misdirected human offal (Losers) (Low Lifes) (Scum) could be made to understand that if the coronavirus were discriminatory to the degree that they are wishing, there would be not a single individual on the face of the planet who would not end up getting it because everybody everywhere has somebody who disagrees with them on something or other.

Assholes come in all varieties, flavors and stripes, don’t they? Wishing the coronavirus onto someone else as a punishment for a personal gripe against them is asshole to the highest possible degree and I am telling you, People had better be careful what they wish for …. they might just live to see their wishes come true.

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