The Advent Of Micro Blogging Is Here!

People have short attention spans at best and most bloggers get frustrated when they realize that a lot of people only read the first and last paragraphs of their posts … posts that can take hours of research and writing to get into final form for publication on a blog.

There is an answer and a lot of bloggers are turning to it for the convenience of their readers and for their own comfort.  It is called “Micro-Blogging” and it takes its form, nature and character from such icons of the electronic communications world as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

While the ordinary blog post can run a Thousand words or more …. to give the reader as much content as the reader can take away from the encounter ….. a Micro-Blog can run 200 words more or less and be a lot more compact and specific in the details it presents to the reader.

On review and retrospect,  I have discovered that I have been doing a lot of Micro-Blogging here on “The Liming Report” and I must say that I am tempted to do a lot more of it in the future.

I have installed a word counting program on the blog so I can keep track.

This post for example, is 224 words. This post would meet the length criteria for microblogging.

5 thoughts on “The Advent Of Micro Blogging Is Here!

  1. My blog is a long way from ‘micro’, and will remain so. But I have noticed many bloggers switching most of their activity to Twitter, which definitely qualifies as ‘micro’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. My grandfather gave me some great advice in my younger years of writing…..”Never write a novel when a paragraph will do”…..Nobody wants to read a dissertation……just the facts man…..chuq

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